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How to Dive in GTA 5 in PC


GTA 5 is crammed with of missions that you must perform in order to go forward in the game. You can take a stroll across the huge open world that the game has to offer once you’ve completed your tasks. Take a relaxing tablet before you do anything, whether it’s golfing or skydiving or everything in between. Swimming in Michael’s pool or going scuba diving in the ocean are also options for you. So be ready to explore the depths of the ocean in Grand Theft Auto 5!

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How to Dive in GTA 5

Here’s how you dive in Grand Theft Auto 5 using your computer.

1.   Water Body

It goes without saying that in order to dive, you must first locate a body of water to dive into. The fact that the environment of GTA 5 is surrounded by water on all sides means that you will not have any trouble finding one should be of no concern.

2.   Enter the water

Simply walking towards the water body will cause your character to immediately begin swimming as soon as the water reaches his or her head would be enough to start swimming.

3.   Use WASD

You can use the WASD keys to navigate your way in the water.

·      “W”– Forward.

·      “A”- Left.

·      “S”- Backward.

·      “D”- Right.

4.   Fast Swimming

To swim faster, simply press the Shift key on your keyboard several times.

5.   Defending

When swimming underwater, you may protect yourself from sharks by using your knife, which is the only weapon you can use to defend yourself when swimming underwater. By clicking the Tab key, you may equip yourself with the knife, and by pressing the “R” key, you can launch an assault against your adversary.

6.   Dive

To dive below the surface of the sea, simply hit the Spacebar on your keyboard.

7.   Swim Underwater

Use the following keys in order to swim underwater.

·      Left Shift – To swim forward.

·      “S” and Left Shift – To swim up to the surface.

·      “W” and Left Shift – To dive further below.

·      “A” – To go left underwater.

·      “D” – To go right underwater.

8.   Health Check

Your character’s light blue metre, which is located right next to his or her health bar, must always be kept an eye on at all times (bottom left corner of the screen). You must make it to the water’s surface before the light blue timer runs out. The “S” and “Left Shift” keys must be pressed at the same time to do this.



What button do you press to dive underwater in GTA 5?

Manipulate your character in the direction you want him to go swimming in by using the directional keys (up, down, left, right, or W, A, S, D) on your keyboard. To dive underwater, use the Crouch Key on your keyboard (typically LCtrl or C on your keyboard).

Can you scuba dive in GTA 5?

Scuba diving is a recreational activity available in Grand Theft Auto V. It is a function that the player can do at any moment. In order to begin the task, the player must first go to his safehouse’s closet and select the Scuba Suit from the racks (this is not necessarily required, as the player can scuba dive with regular clothes on).