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5 Essential Steps To Get More Instagram Followers


Instagram is one of the premium apps of all time. People understand that it’s not just a photo-sharing app anymore. Medium and small businesses are opening up online stores on Instagram every day! 

Instagram is a fantastic place for doing business. Although a recent change in algorithms has made it difficult. This is why people are looking for the best sites to buy Instagram followers

And, that actually helps in the longer run. Moreover, it’s all about consistency and strategy. Creating brand awareness can help you gain traction. You can ace your Instagram if you follow our list of essential steps. 

But before we move forward with our guide, you should know a few basic things. You need to be on Instagram all day long. At least, for the first six months. The more you show up, the better it is for your profile. 

So, without waiting anymore let’s find out the 5 best ways to get instagram followers – 

#1. Signature Aesthetic 

Creating your own signature style is important. People remember unique accounts more fondly. Make sure your photos or videos follow a particular style. Yes, content matters the most. And, creating the signature style will help you be remembered. 

Posting unrelated content can kill your Instagram account. Moreover, you have to maintain a particular colour scheme and palette. Maintaining your style throughout your feed will make your profile look consistent and effective. 

While maintaining your aesthetics, do not forget to mix it up a little. You don’t need to produce the same or similar content. Just be consistent with the rhythm & style of your content. 

In fact, your Instagram stories must also have the same colour palette. If you check high-class brands, you will see that they always follow a particular colour scheme. Some keep it orange & black while others keep Midnight-blue with white or light blue. 

#2. Make people mention you in their stories 

Be more visible to different kinds of audiences. Make sure you are mentioned in stories every day. The easy way to do this is by paying influencers and other active profiles. But that would be costly. This is why you need to collaborate with people. 

You can also host giveaways and make people post a screenshot of your aesthetically beautiful feed on their stories. These stories must mention your profile name right in the middle of the story. 


Story-mentions work extremely well. You can pay influencers extra to just keep your story for the entire 24 hours and nothing else. Ideally, choose people from the same field. Moreover, you can also cross mention each other. 


This step is helpful when you post consistently. When people come over to your profile they will check your aesthetics and see when you posted last. That’s because people would rather follow those profiles which post consistently. 

#3. Interlink your social media

What do you think new followers look at when they enter your profile? Yes, you guessed it right. They see your profile picture and read your bio. Instagram bios may not feel that important as opposed to your content’s quality. But, trust us when we say interlinking your online profiles are equally important. 


Put in the effort that your Instagram needs. Here’s the thing about displaying pictures though – you can put in a logo but sometimes putting a face to your Instagram account will attract people more. Especially if you are a solopreneur or fitness enthusiast or a blogger/vlogger. 

Moreover, what you write in your bio must make sense. You can be sassy or choose to be informative, – the choice is yours! But make sure you choose words carefully and give a glimpse of what you do. It’s not a CV or a resume so don’t put information that’s not required. 

Furthermore, use the bio section to interlink other social media pages to Instagram. People use LinkTree links for this purpose. If you are hosting a new event and want people to register, reduce the link size in and post it on your bio. While posting about your online event you can choose to use the #linkinbio too! 

Some people are more famous on TikTok or maybe on LinkedIn. Promote your page through interlinking these platforms and watch the magic unfold. 

#4. Don’t be shy to initiate conversations 

Your interactions with your followers are key to higher engagements. Make sure that you reply to comments. Especially those comments where people ask you questions. Also, to keep your Instagram clean remove unwarranted hate comments and remove them. 

Use an analytics tool outside of Instagram to track your fans. There are fans of your account you don’t even know about. Check out who they are and initiate a conversation. Talking with people can help you get loyal followers. 

People who don’t comment but always like your posts are also the ones you should talk to. Get them comfortable and take them over to other social media handles you have. 

#5. Being active on Instagram 

You can’t expect people to follow you without you doing something for them. Go around and browse more photos from the explore section. Like and comment on pages that are even competitive to you. That’s the best way to win over people. It’s all about collaboration and cross-following. 

If you are following a particular niche, Google which hashtags are famous in that niche. Once you figure out the hashtag, find out the top profiles where they are using this hashtag. Like and comment on these pages and more importantly follow them for a while. Some of these pages where you engage yourself may follow you back. 


You can and should show that you are already liked and followed by users. People buy Instagram followers for this purpose alone. When you buy followers you can get a lot of engagements. Your organic reach tends to rise too! 

Some of these bought followers will stay while some won’t. But people will see the number of likes, comments, and followers when they come into your profile. And, that’s the best part of buying insta followers. 

Hope you gain more followers on your Instagram account by following our easy to follow list. Let us know in the comment section below about your journey!