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How to Restart iPhone XR


The decision by Apple to remove the iconic Home button from its smartphones, beginning with the debut of the iPhone X and then moving on to iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, necessitated a rethinking of several procedures, such as those for shutting the device off and resuming it. As a result, the key combination required to switch off and restart iPhone XR is distinct from the key combination required to turn off and restart earlier generations of the Apple smartphone.

To be more specific, in order to restart the iPhone XR, you must simultaneously press and hold the power button, which is situated on the right side of the device, as well as one of the two volume buttons, which are positioned on the left side of the device’s frame. When you look at the screen after that, you will notice the presence of a lever with the words Swipe to turn off written on it.

In order to totally switch off the iPhone, you only need to remove the physical buttons and swipe from left to right on the previously described lever. By pressing and holding the power button lateral for a few seconds, you can turn the phone back on until no longer any symbols display on the screen.

The emblem of the bitten apple will most likely display on the screen, and the iPhone’s operating system (iOS) will most likely be loaded. After that, all you have to do is input the unlock code from your smartphone (if it is still active) and any SIM PIN that has been inserted, and you may resume using your iPhone XR.

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How to Restart iPhone XR from IOS Settings

Many functions are available in the iPhone’s operating system, iOS, including the ability to switch off the smartphone entirely by using software commands.

To take advantage of this opportunity, you must first open the iPhone XR’s main screen and then tap the symbol for ifttings on the far right (the one with the gear). After that, pick the item General from the drop-down menu, scroll down the page, and press on the item Switch off.

At this moment, the lever well will show on the computer monitor. Turning the smartphone off is as simple as a swipe from left to right on the latter, and it takes only a few swipes from left to right to turn it off completely.

You’ll then be prompted to press and hold the power button, which is situated on right side of the device’s body, until the operating system begins to load and the device is turned on again. If you decide to activate it later, you will be required for the unlock code as well as the SIM PIN.

How to Restart Frozen iPhone XR

Some iPhone XR customers have reported being unable to use their devices because they appear to have been blocked: a frustrating situation that, fortunately, can be resolved rather fast. Like? Restarting the gadget on its own accord.

Hold the side power button down while pressing and fast releasing the Volume + key, then the Volume – key, and lastly the side power button down. It is likely that the bitten apple logo will display on the screen and that the phone will restart if everything has been done successfully.

How to Restart iPhone XR without a Button

One of the only ways to perform a true restart of the iPhone XR (without having to turn the smartphone off and on again) is to take advantage of AssistiveTouch, an accessibility feature that allows you to simulate the pressure of some physical keys while also recalling different commands through icons on the screen.

To make use of it, go to the iOS Home screen and choose the ifttings icon from the list (the one with the gear). After that, choose the item by tapping on it. Generali went to his Accessibility> AssistiveTouch menu and selected this function to be activated by a lever.

The white circle icon should be selected first, followed by the item Device and, lastly, the options Other and Restart, all of which should be selected twice in a row.

The iPhone will be shut down and then restarted immediately after. I’d like to remind you that you may be requested to enter your unlock code and SIM PIN during the startup process. After that, if you wish to deactivate AssistiveTouch, return to the menu Settings> General> Accessibility and slide the lever for the function in question up to the OFF position.