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5 Essential Technical Features of a Fleet Management System


Implementing a fleet management system into your operations will bring benefits to the productivity and efficiency of your operation. It is essential to know the features the system should have and what they will bring to your business. Here are five essential features that every fleet management system should have and how they will improve your operations.

Dash Cam

Having a dash cam gives a fleet manager the ability to monitor the road and driver in real time. Dual facing dash cams record footage and that data will upload to the cloud automatically without you having to do a thing. This footage could be vital in the case of evidence for accidents or as proof that one of your drivers is behaving inappropriately on the road. Your driver will have better peace of mind and performance if they feel safe and secure while doing their job. Dash cams can also be used to provide training and will save costs as training can be given without the need for the person giving the training to be in the cab.

Fuel Management

A fuel management system is a must. Businesses lose money through the overuse of fuel and being unaware of how much they actually waste. Without having a fuel management system, it is time consuming and almost impossible to have a proper idea of how much is being wasted. Being able to keep tabs on how much fuel your fleet has means you will know how much it needs to keep moving and also allows you to have fuel constantly available. The benefits of this will show in customer satisfaction, as there will be no unnecessary and costly delays.

Driver Behavior Analysis

Being able to analyze your drivers’ behavior allows you to address any bad habits that may arise. Drivers are the visible face of your company, and bad behavior will reflect badly on your business. It will also prevent any costly lawsuits or legal action brought about due to bad driver behavior. Driver behavior analysis is not only beneficial to you, it is also a benefit to your driver as they may not be aware of certain behaviors and it allows them to be addressed and them to be given training if the need arises.

Route Planning

A GPS system gives your operation flexibility and efficiency. You or your fleet managers will be able to change the route of your fleet in real time should problems occur. This will save money on fuel, and also ensure that your customer receives their goods on time. You can also track drivers and ensure that they are sticking to their assigned routes and not wasting time.


Alarms can be set for all manner of situations, which gives you complete control over your fleet and the products they are carrying. For example, you can set an alarm which monitors the temperature of your goods, if they are refrigerated you can be made aware that a problem may have occurred and the temperature has risen. You can also monitor driver’s speeds which will stop you from incurring any associated fines and the possibility of a driver being taken off the road.