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5 Gaming Accessories that You Certainly Need


Gaming has become an expensive hobby with prices at an all-time high for extra items besides the console, controller and game itself. It can be hard to have every item that would help enhance your experience of playing your games. In this list we will look at the five gaming accessories that you need to help build up the ultimate gaming setup.

  1. Extra controller

It always seems harsh that companies will not include two controllers for you to use. It might be that there is such a push towards online gaming rather than the old school style of meeting up and playing face to face; please see the PlayStation Multitap for how important face to face gaming was.

However, if there are several of you living in the house and people wanting to play against each other or co-op mode on certain games then an extra controller is a necessity.

It could also be as simple as the controller losing battery so having a backup is a good idea to keep gaming constantly.

  1. Charging Dock

Which leads onto the next item you will want to acquire. A charging dock is a great idea so that you do not miss out on any gaming time at all. With the dock constantly charging your controller, you will be always playing games as your controller will not have run out of battery.

Not only is it functional but it also looks very smart. The docks look sleek and light up indicating if it is charging and has the capacity for two controllers at once.

  1. Gaming headset

As previously mentioned there is a huge push towards online gaming and there has been for the past 15 years. This means that if you need to interact with your friends or other online players you will need a headset.

Headsets come in a different shapes and sizes but also in different prices. You can go low end if you are just a beginner for about £10 but then you can purchase an expert level headset which could set you back £200.

  1. Thumb grips

They may sound basic but they can really change how you play a game with controller pad. It may take some getting used to but the grips are ergonomically tested to enhance how much you can play.

Made of silicone they are durable and cheap enough to get plenty to stay fresh in the game. The game changing edge is really at your fingertips (well thumb tips!) as it will improve your accuracy in any game genre.

  1. Gaming chair

The ultimate purchase for many people who want to look and feel like a high end gamer. Much like the gaming grips they are ergonomically designed for gamers.

The chair is encouraged to help with posture and comfort. The chairs usually come on wheels or without any legs and are placed on the floor. The chair helps with slouching meaning you can carry on gaming for hours without discomfort.