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Genshin Impact Cor Lapis Location Guide


What is Genshin Impact? Genshin Impact is a recently released game that has been taking the nation by storm. Genshin Impact focuses on the player’s location through their phone, which makes it different from other games like Pokemon GO. Genshin was built with real-time GPS tracking, whereas Pokemon GO uses location pings to make sure the player is not too far from their Genshin Impact destination.

Genshin Impact was created by Genshin Inc., a large conglomerate located in Japan. Genshin Inc. is known for their popular Genshin series of games, which are extremely successful on mobile devices. Genshin will be releasing more versions of Genshin Impact to be shopped in Genshin’s G Store. Genshin is known for adding features throughout updates, which gives Genshin gamers something new to look forward to each time there is an update.

Cor Lapis

It can be hard to find them, but the benefits of getting and using them are worth it.

The materials are shown on this map. You will need to mine these ores in order to get the materials you want. These stones may be mined; one is discovered on Liyue’s cliffs, while the other is on Mount Hulao.

Cor Lapis Location – Wuwang Hill

The location of the City of Lapis is by a lake near the Wuwang Hill area. Look for ledges or cliffs with the name Wuwang Hill in the precise east and west regions on the world map.

Cor Lapis ores may be found in most parts of the game.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that these ores can soak up a lot of damage before shattering, so make sure you utilize your strong attacks to destroy them.

Another thing to consider is that in some of these regions, certain high-level creatures might be tough to destroy. However, you should do this first before proceeding and shattering the ores. Overall, you’ll need about 168 Cor Lapis pieces to fully upgrade the 2 heroes.