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5 Reasons Why Good Handwriting Is Important In The Age Of Advancement Of Digital Technology 2023


There is a saying that good handwriting reflects a good personality, but does this saying still apply in today’s digital era? Of course, today’s young people have to master technology by mastering typing skills with a keyboard, but handwriting provides many extraordinary advantages. One of them is online handwritten notes which are sought after by many people in 2023. What are the advantages of online handwritten notes, see the review below.

From now on, reactivate your craft of writing by hand, okay? Because this is the reason why handwriting is important.

Helps performance in the academic field

Studies have shown that there is a correlation between good handwriting and increased academic performance in reading and writing. A paper published in the Journal of Early Childhood Education and Development examined 1,000 students who were still in school and kindergarten through the second grade of elementary school and found that those with good handwriting had good motor skills, including language and math.

Improve memory

Maybe you’ve experienced this when you were in school where when you took notes, the information would stick in your memory longer. Many researchers also confirm this. People who write with paper and pen have more cognitive abilities than those who write on a laptop or computer, for example.

Handwriting looks more impressive

Have you ever written postcards, letters, poems and crafts in school? Your writing looks so impressive that even your teacher or parents stick it in your room or classroom because it looks beautiful. Notes and letters written in handwriting containing motivational words and messages for friends and relatives also look very memorable and special, especially if your handwriting is good.

Writing is part of everyday life

Even though we live in the digital age, most of us still write by hand in our daily lives. We keep writing in notebooks about our daily schedule, leaving messages for office mates or even calculating expenses.

Helps focus more

Researchers again say time after time that you can’t just ignore the value of writing by hand. Even though writing has never been officially tested in schools, writing by hand helps our brain function to focus on one topic.

The Age Is All Digital, Why Is Handwriting Still Important?

Technology is intended to make it easy for humans to carry out their daily lives and respond to the challenges of a rapidly changing era. However, as time goes by, there are things that you and many others may have left out. Handwriting, for example. Many entrepreneurs today are leveraging online handwritten notes to grow their digital business

With all the sophisticated gadgets, the habit of writing is gradually being abandoned and replaced by typing. From laptops to smartphones, all are typing oriented. In fact, handwriting has benefits that you may not realize.

Writing actually has a very complex movement. Writing by hand can continue to train and improve the cognitive function of the brain.

Therefore, with handwriting, you can automatically increase your memory as well as organize your own thoughts. Try to compare writing and typing, which one is more memorable. Earlier, my friends have also proven themselves that more is remembered when written down.

That’s about the advantages of handwriting that can improve your skills. If you still don’t have skills about handwriting, then you can use several services that can be used to provide handwriting online, including:

  • Professional handwriting: Some professionals who offer online handwriting services can write notes, letters, or other documents in beautiful handwriting.
  • Graphic Design Services: Some graphic designers can provide services to turn handwriting into elegant designs, whether it’s for logos or promotional documents.
  • Typing Services: Services that provide handwritten typing of scanned documents or photographs, used to convert handwriting into digital form that can be edited and read by computers.
  • Handwriting: writing services for greeting cards, invitations etc

This service can be obtained by looking for it on the internet or in online marketplace services. However, before availing this service it is important to check the reputation and reviews of the service to ensure the quality of service received. One online provider of handwritten notes is