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How to Get Titanium Battle Bus for Free in Rocket League


There is a not-so-secret way to obtain Rocket League’s recognizable Battle Bus from Fortnite. Players of Rocket League may incorporate elements of the Fortnite experience into their game by downloading the Battle Bus for free. A recognizable Fortnite fixture, the Battle Bus is the vehicle that takes players above the battlefield before they jump to a POI. Since then, it has appeared in other pop culture publications. It is currently being pushed into Rocket League. This article may teach you how to obtain the Rocket League Titanium Battle Bus for free. Consequently, let’s begin:

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How to Get Titanium Battle Bus for Free in Rocket League

Visit the Epic Game Store (website or mobile app)

You can launch the desktop application or use your favourite browser to view the store. Log in with your Epic Games account if you’re using a browser.

How to Get Titanium Battle Bus for Free in Rocket League

Look for the Titanium Battle Bus in Rocket League.

Click the search icon and then type “Rocket League Titanium Battle Bus” into the search box.

How to Get Titanium Battle Bus for Free in Rocket League

However, there is a requirement that you have the base game (Rocket League) from the Epic Games Store.

How to Get Titanium Battle Bus for Free in Rocket League

You may also do this by visiting the Rocket League store page and then looking for further information there. This will take you to all of the game’s supplemental materials, including the Battle Bus.

Purchase it (for nothing).

Equip the Battle Bus in Rocket League?

You must equip the Titanium White Battle Bus in the game after purchasing it. Follow the next few instructions to do that.

  • Fire up Rocket League.
  • to the menu for “Car Customization.”
  • Search for “Battle bus modification.”
  • Avail of the Titanium White Battle Bus.
  • Adjust it as necessary.

There are a few colour customization options available for the Titanium White Battle Bus. As a result, you might not be able to paint it any way you like.


Is the Titanium White Battle Bus tradeable?

A Titanium White Battle Bus is a Limited Body that cannot be traded. It makes use of the Merc Hitbox, which has an impact on the virtual car’s handling. Through different promotions on the Epic Games Store, this product has been made available for free.

What is the rarest tradable Rocket League item?

Among the most sought-after and scarcest commodities in Rocket League, the Alpha Boost, Beta Nugget Antenna, Titanium White Octane, Titanium White Dominus, and Black Market Decals command premium prices as a result of their rarity.

What is the rarest car in Rocket League?

The Titanium White Dominus has replaced the recently released Octane body as the rarest vehicle in Rocket League. The Titanium White automobile was originally craftable but is now impossible to unlock.

How much is 1000 cr in Rocket League?

The 9. 99 USD cost equals 1,000 Rocket League credits. This is available for purchase on the Steam, EGS, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Store.

What is the best Rocket League car?

The top Rocket League players realized that the Octane body was, in fact, the best car in the game from the very beginning. This is so because, when compared to other bodies with the same hitbox, like the Zippy or the Backfire, the shape most closely matched the Octane hitbox.