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5 Tips to Convert Cold Leads Into Warm Leads With Email Marketing


Lead generation is a crucial part of a marketing process, where you attract prospects into your business to develop a sales pipeline. Its end goal is to convert prospects into loyal customers. 

Throughout such a process, you build visibility, trust, credibility, as well as interest from a certain group of people. 

In fact, a business without a good lead generation strategy would be a sitting duck because its growth and revenue rely only on the whims of its target audience who may not even know such a business exists. 

Simply put, without leads, it is challenging to maximize revenue and growth. But cold leads are a harsh reality in your sales cycle. These could be individuals who have not received an email from you in a long time or who don’t engage or open the emails that you sent them.

Read these reviews to help you find the best cold email marketing software to warm up your cold leads.

Now here comes the good news: you can convert cold leads into warm leads! With the right plan for attracting leads using email marketing, it is surely possible to nurture your target audience and walk them through the ultimate conversion to paying customers.

Ready to take a deeper dive? Below are 5 tactics you can use to take the cold out of your sales strategy and start a more effective “warm” outreach with email marketing.

5 Tips to Warm Up Cold Leads with Email Marketing

1. Know the Person You’ll Be Contacting

First things first, do your research. It is important to know the person you are trying to reach. What’s their name, which company they work at, the nature of the job or the position they hold, and the concern they have that your business can solve.

The more useful information you have about your prospects, especially on an individual level, the higher the chance of converting them into warm leads. 

Why? It’s because you allow your message to sound personalized and highly relevant. Plus, it would be less likely that an email service provider, like Gmail, will block your emails because you don’t have spammy-looking content.

2. Solve, Not Promote. Help, not Sell

It is not enough that the purpose of your email is to just build awareness of your brand or company, although we can’t deny that it is a necessary marketing strategy. However, it would be best if you can offer something of value to your target audience.

Solving their problem instead of promoting or helping them instead of selling maximizes the number of cold leads you can convert into warm leads.

It could be something like access to an email newsletter, a free download, etc. This makes your target audience want to open the email because what you’re offering to them is something that they need. It’s a valuable resource!

Of course, the majority of them may not have a problem yet that requires solving but you can still provide quality advice so that when a problem occurs or the need arises, they know who to contact. That’s your company/brand.

3. Offer a Minimum Discount or a Freebie

Offering a freebie or discounts on purchases is a surefire way to quickly draw people’s attention. Anytime you tell a target audience that he or she can save more money than buying it at a regular price, it will likely get their attention.

It’s nice too because it’s a win-win situation. You help your prospects and they help your business in return. Take note, there’s no need to go overboard with this strategy. 

You may host a giveaway only for people in your email list, provide a free consultation, or a free trial to your service. To determine how you can address your customers’ needs better, you can also create a brief survey for them to fill out in return for the freebie.

4. Be Consistent

Consistency is the name of the game in email marketing if you want to build a positive relationship with your target audience and your existing subscribers. So, send emails when they are expecting them to.

You may also want to use an email deliverability tool to ensure there’s a consistent and clear line of communication between your brand and your customers who have chosen to subscribe.

5. Be Accessible

Lead conversion requires that you remain accessible to your audience. It’s likely that your cold leads want to know more about your offer, especially if your service or product is not self-explanatory.

If they can’t get in touch with someone from your company or team, there’s a high chance that they will move on to your competitor instead. 

Make More Sales with Warm Email Prospecting

Cold leads may not be the easiest to work with and you have to find the right balance of warming them up without appearing like a pest, bombarding their inbox. However, if you won’t act, your relationship is going nowhere.


By using the power of email marketing as highlighted in the tips above, you can increase your chances of warming up cold leads. Just hang in there. Do it the right way and your perseverance will surely pay off in the end.