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Snuffy Vtuber Face Reveal, Age and More Interesting Facts


Snuffy Face Reveal: Snuffy is a well-known Twitch and Vtuber who has amassed a sizable following. Her broadcasting of Pokemon cards and skits on TikTok made her famous. Snuffy’s identity, including his or her genuine name, age, height, and partner, will be revealed in this article. To know how the Snuffy Face was revealed, you must read this article until the end.

Who Is Snuffy VTuber?

Female VTuber Snuffy made her debut on April 20, 2020. She is fluent in English. She creates her own content but also contributes to the Twitch channel Creampies. She has gained fame for her unboxing videos of Pokémon trading cards, her TikTok streaming, and the many games she plays alone and with other VTubers.

Snuffy Face Reveal

Snuffy’s high-pitched voice, infectious giggle, and wry sense of humor have made her a household name. She has over 70k subscribers on YouTube and 166k on Twitch. Snuffy has not yet come clean to her devoted fans. She did not indicate that she was considering going public with her identity. There are a lot of videos out there with the title “snuffy face reveal,” but they all lie.

Snuffy Real Name

Snuffy had also been keeping her true identity hidden. YouTuber and Twitch streamer Snuffy. Her devoted audience praises her wit. Snuffy learned absolutely nothing about herself through her social media profiles. We will presume that she can identify herself immediately. She is a very active social media user, particularly on Twitter and Instagram. In 2020, she signed up on Twitter and quickly gained over 87,000 followers.

Snuffy Age

Trying to guess her actual birthdate and age is not possible now. However, she is younger than 20 years old. All that can be located on the internet is her birth date and the month it occurred in. That was on February 24 when she started getting wishes.

Snuffy Boyfriend

Snuffy has not disclosed any information about her boyfriend or other romantic or sexual affiliations. Even though she has a large circle of friends, nobody is privy to information regarding her romantic relationships. Snuffy has several VTuber friends, including Shine, Nyanners, Veibae, Ironmouse, Silverdale, Bunny GIF, BlueBirdHay, and Projekt Melody.

Kimchi, her cute kitty, frequently appears on Snuffy’s broadcasts of the Pokémon Card unveilings every Wednesday night. Waifs are what Snuffy calls her fellow YouTubers and friends. It has been communicated that Snuffy is interested in Veibae’s proposition.

Snuffy Wiki

Name Snuffy Vtuber
Birthday February 24
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Vtuber, Streamer
Net worth Unknown
Twitter @snuffyowo



What does Snuffy look like?

During the time she has spent streaming, Snuffy has made a wide variety of cameos. At the moment, she takes the form of a raccoon girl, complete with shoulder-length brown hair, an animal mask, golden eyes, and pointed teeth.

What is Snuffy’s real name?

Snuffleupagus is a Muppet character with a full body who lives in a cave with his family just off of Sesame Street. Both his species and his surname are derived from the word “Snuffleupagus.” His pals nickname him Snuffy, but his actual name is Aloysius Snuffleupagus. Aloysius Snuffleupagus.

What nationality is Snuffy?

Snuffy is of the United States. If you do not wish to mention her nationality for whatever reason, then it is preferable to write “English-speaking VTuber” rather than “English VTuber.”

What happened to Snuffy twitch?

Twitch has been under fire for referring to VTubers as “AI.”The prominent VTuber known as Snuffy is the latest user to be banned from Twitch. She was found to be in violation of Twitch’s community guidelines on sexual material after she was caught wearing an attire that was deemed to be “suggestive” when she was broadcasting.