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5 Valuable SoundCloud Alternatives You Must Try


SoundCloud Alternatives

Since its launch in 2007, SoundCloud has become the favorite digital music platform around the world. All types of music are available there. Even recordings of stand up comedies, audiobooks, and lectures. All these audio files can be downloaded as well.

SoundCloud is great, but it’s loaded with commercials, which can interrupt your experience. Also, the subscription is expensive. Some of you might be bored with the experience. I can relateSoundCloud Alternatives! It was last year when I lost interest in SoundCloud. Hence, I used my Spectrum mobile plans to Google alternatives to this platform with better features and was surprised by the options.

Want to know the names? Without further ado, let’s found out what alternatives are available out there:

1: Spotify

Spotify is a streaming platform designed and developed to allow users to stream audio files from their devices directly without downloading anything. It quickly features songs released in the market so you won’t have to look for them elsewhere.

It has a free version as well to try and test the platform. Spotify is also very resourceful in identifying new artists. Getting lost in this platform is easy, and its superb algorithm is to blame. You would be creating new playlists every week. It works on Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, and a few other devices as well.

2: Audiomack

People know it as the hip hop platform, but ever since it has been famous among DJs and music producers, it has gained recognition worldwide.

Design-wise, the looks are heavily borrowed from SoundCloud. So if for a SoundCloud alternative that looks like SoundCloud, then you will love Audiomack. The good is news, it’s free. It has over five million monthly users right now, which indicates it’s pretty popular among Android and iOS users. However, it’s yet to be seen whether its popularity will match up to that of SoundCloud.

3: Pandora

Pandora features the music genome project to perform a comprehensive analysis of the interests of its users. It’s best if you seek a personalized music experience.

Search by song, artist, or genre for creating a station. You can also search for music based on a mood or activity. That’s why Pandora is known as a powerful music discovery platform. It also allows artists to search for their fans by learning who enjoys listening to their music.

This app is a powerhouse of entertainment. Listen to music wherever you are based on your taste and for a fulfilling experience each time you sign into Pandora.

4: YouTube

When it comes to music, and SoundCloud alternatives, the name of YouTube deserves mention. It existed before SoundCloud, and people in different parts of the world relied on this giant to hear their favorite music.

YouTube doesn’t need an introduction. It’s much more than a place to listen to music. It hosts all types of video content as well as audio recordings.

5: Apple Music

Apple Music is a good alternative to SoundCloud as well. This streaming service brings up to 70 million songs. Plus, it’s ad-free. It provides a music library from iTunes and Apple Music. It features a sleek interface. One account can be shared with 6 members. The only problem is it’s available to Apple users only.

If you would like to discover new music, there’s a feature called “listen now.” You can also tune into three live radio stations by the artists playing fresh hits. When you feel overwhelmed and can’t decide what to listen to, Apple music brings you editor’s picks. These are curated playlists containing some music gems.


Music lovers should always remain open. Never stick to one resource to find music. If you understand the concept of doing preliminary research before buying clothes, moisturizers, or even Spectrum packages, the same phenomenon applies to music. As you explore these alternatives, you will realize there are so many other wonderful platforms to find untapped music. Some of them may be better than SoundCloud!

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