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Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice, All Carp Scale Locations


If you meet a pot businessman in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you will find that the second economy that is hidden in the game is: Treasure Carp Scales. Pot merchants sell a range of interesting and useful items, including enticing expensive mask fragments. Sen is not good for you here, because instead you need to track and kill huge Treasures Carp scattered around the world. They are not so easy to find, and in order to get the most out of it, you need to unlock a special skill. To help you out, in this guide we will walk you through how to find all Treasure Carp Scale locations in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

There are 42 Treasure Carp Scales in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in Sekiro, distributed between different areas of the game. To get a lot of these, you first need to unlock the diving skills, and you won’t be able to get diving skills until you explore the village of Mibu in Ashina Depths. Below, we have divided the position of the Carps by region.

Hirata Estate Treasure Carp Scales

Two treasures are found in the water next to Pot Noble Harunaga. At the beginning of the Hirata Estate area, jump to the right side of the bridge.

Two other treasures can be found while diving underwater in the same area.

Before you cross, the One Treasure Carp Scale is located on the river bank on the left side of the bridge.

When you arrive at the bridge after the Bamboo Thicket idol, jump to the water on the right to find a Treasure Carp. If you haven’t found Mist Raven yet, this is where you get it.

Diving underwater can find a second Carp in the same area.

Ashina Castle Treasure Carp Scales

Two scales can be found in the castle moat under the Ashina Castle idol. One appears on the Treasure Carp and the other appears on the item. When you return to Ashina Castle later in the story, you need to dive to get to both places.


Senpou Temple, Mountain. Kongo Treasure Carp Scales

Two treasure Carp Scales will be present in the lake not far from the Temple Grounds Sculptor idol.

Sink Valley Treasure Squid Scales

Two treasure Carps are located in the Great Lake behind the idol of Riven Cave Sculptor, where snakes often lurk. You usually need to dive to get them.

If you dive, you can collect a Treasure Carp Scale from the same lake.

Ashina Depths Treasure Carp Scales

Exiled Memorial Mob merchants sell two Treasure Carp Scales for 500 cents each.

One Treasure Carp Scale is located under the idol of Mibu Village Sculptor. It is guarded by a purple warrior.

Treasure Carp is located under the Mibu Village River, near the bridge. You need to dive to get to it.

If you give the Mibu Village priest’s palace water (see Fountainhead Palace Tip), the next time you return you will find that he becomes a monster and will drop 5 Treasure Carp Scales when killed.

Fountainhead Palace Treasure Carp Scales

You need to dive to get almost all Treasure Carp Scales at Fountainhead Palace and explore the entire palace. Thanks to the Sekiro wiki at these locations.

The hidden underwater path of the water of the palace passes through the cracked floor.

There are seven Treasure Carp in the main area of ​​the Fountainhead Palace. You need to dive to reach many of them.

At the bottom of the main pool is a huge squid skeleton, which has many worms eating it. Diving and finding two Treasure Carp Scales.

Below the main area is a small underwater house. Dive into the water to find Treasure Carp Scales.

The first time to feed the giant catfish precious bait. Then, talk to the NPC next to the ringtone. Please note that this can kill one of the merchants.

The second feeding of the Giant Carp Precious Bait. Then, talk to the NPC next to the ringtone. Please note that this can kill one of the merchants.

These are the Treasure Carp Scale locations we know in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, so you should be prepared to use these scales on some valuable items! Before you feed the giant clams, remember to buy what you want from every scale aristocratic businessman. Now that you have tracked all of this, why not check out some of other Sekiro guide below:


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