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6 Effective Real Estate Marketing Strategies


Obtain an excellent client portfolio through a real estate marketing strategy that adapts to your sales objectives.

Why is a real estate marketing strategy important?

In order to sell real estate and be successful as a real estate consultant such as, it is necessary to leverage real estate marketing and thus have an effective approach with a large number of people who are interested in hiring your services.

So understanding real estate marketing will give you more chances of getting potential customers through various communication channels. You may be interested in reading: Use personal marketing to improve your profile as a real estate consultant.

Something that you must take into account is that in real estate marketing, as in the real estate market, you will find a lot of competition, and to reach a greater number of clients, you have to stand out, innovate and be different.

Therefore, you must have a very well-defined real estate marketing strategy, where you will communicate who you are, your branding, public image, etc. All the elements with which you will build the way your customers will see you.

Thanks to the digital age, there are currently various means by which real estate marketing can be carried out, such as traditional media, social networks, email campaigns, SMS, videos, posters, magazines, among others.

Something you should take into account when choosing the communication channel for your real estate marketing strategy is that not all media work the same for all campaigns, which is why it is very important to choose the correct media for your real estate marketing plan.

The choice of communication channels for your real estate marketing strategy must be chosen based on the objectives you have defined and whether your real estate marketing strategy will be online or offline.

What goals can I work with?

Some of the objectives that you can implement in your real estate marketing strategy while investing in Nova city islamabad are:

  • Attract property owners
  • Get a certain number of potential buyers
  • Sell ​​a property in a certain time
  • get referrals

These objectives for the real estate marketing strategy are; each one will vary depending on what you are looking for as a result, and knowing the possibilities. The idea is that you decide it together with your work team.

Internet real estate marketing:

Currently, the investment made in digital marketing is large since it is a medium that is constantly growing compared to other traditional media such as radio and television.

Social media real estate marketing:

It is estimated that investment in online real estate marketing on social networks has risen by 16%, which is why tools of great use and benefit have been developed and updated for experts and thus captivate the attention of the desired public.

What platforms can I use for my real estate marketing strategy?

The main social networks for real estate marketing are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


Facebook is one of the networks that cover a great diversity of generations from Z to the baby boomer generation, so it is easy to reach potential customers in a certain way. It is recommended to create your business page in which quality photos are uploaded and with the necessary information to attract customers through the real estate marketing strategy.

Another advantage of Facebook is that it offers specialized tools to guide publications towards a certain type of audience, which allows you to refine your audience. Likewise, it offers free courses with which they show you how to create high-impact content and advice to optimally invest the money destined for your real estate marketing strategy.


It is also a social network that belongs to Facebook, although its way of communication is much more visual and where you can address generations such as millennials to attract their attention with eye-catching photos of your real estate marketing strategy.

Like Facebook, you can invest money for your real estate marketing strategy through a Business Manager, which allows you to create guidelines aimed at a certain sector of the population with certain tastes and characteristics.

It is very important to create a real estate marketing strategy parallel to that of Facebook so as not to fall into the error of “mirroring” the content and adequately capture the attention of the audiences found on each network.


It has become a social network to express complaints and share news in real-time, so it is very important to create your professional profile and that of your company, where you share valuable information and can talk with people. Similarly, in a crisis situation where you must establish the levels in your real estate marketing strategy, the basis will always be to monitor the comments made on this social network.

Since a very common mistake that some companies make is not to appear on this social network, so they do see themselves in some positive or negative conversation, they are not aware of this, which can cause great repercussions.


For its part, YouTube is a more visual medium, so we recommend you create quality, informative videos that answer the most common questions that people may have. The way in which the work of the new generations is that they seek answers to their questions through short and informative videos. You should also consider that the longer they are, the less interaction they will have.

Therefore, it is recommended that they last a minimum, have concise information, and draw attention visually.


Through this social network, you must show all your professional skills, so your real estate marketing strategy in this social network must be based on your knowledge such as courses, diplomas, and other studies that you have.

It is the perfect place to validate your certification as a real estate consultant and make known all the experience behind you.

As well as your skills, you can make publications directed towards people who may be your potential clients, but in a more professional way. This helps to share personal or company achievements in a friendly way by achieving a certain sale, always respecting the confidentiality of customer information.

Email campaigns: you send a single email to the client. Another variant of the real estate marketing strategy is drip campaigns, and they are a sequence of emails that are sent automatically to potential clients.


We hope that with the explanation of the networks that you can use in your favor and your real estate company, you will have an idea of ​​how to use each one to carry out real estate marketing strategies appropriate for each medium.