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Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to Get Primal Knife


The fourth Resident Evil remake is unrestricted in its weaponry arsenal and provides many ways to pierce opponents. Leon has three distinct knives to pick from in addition to various guns, and these knives gain a lot from the Remake’s renewed emphasis on their applications. Even though he will use a lot of weaponry on his travels, a knife can occasionally be the perfect instrument to escape a sticky situation. The following post will walk you through obtaining the Primal Knife in the Resident Evil 4 remake:

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What is the Primal Knife in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

In Resident Evil 4, knives are helpful weapons that can be parried, and they come in quite handy when Leon runs out of ammunition and there are still villagers wandering around. Although it was included as a bonus weapon in the remake, the Primal Knife was first seen in the original game. It looks to be eclipsed by the Fighting Knife and isn’t particularly noteworthy at first glance. But when fully upgraded, its endurance is unlimited, making it one of the most effective weapons in the game.

How to Obtain The Primal Knife

A second playthrough is more likely to provide the Primal Knife, a bonus content weapon that can only be acquired after Chapter 16. There is a Clockwork Castellan in every chapter of the game. You must locate and eliminate them all to obtain this gun. To eliminate every one of these hidden Castellans, a careful examination of every chapter will be necessary.

Resident Evil 4 Remake - How to Get Primal Knife

Proceed to the Bonus Content menu by returning to the main menu after eliminating every Clockwork Castellan. A page will be dedicated to the extra weapons, and acquiring 1000 CP will grant access to the Primal Knife.  This menu contains CP, a money that may be acquired by winning game tasks. If this is your first visit to this menu, after finishing all 16 chapters, you will have enough CP for the Knife.

All challenges that can be completed to earn extra CP to buy the Knife are listed in the Bonus Content section’s Challenges menu, if necessary. The Knife may be purchased via the bonus menu, added to your inventory, and stored in-game. You can reach your storage from any typewriter.

Why Use the Primal Knife

Of the three knives Leon can wield, the Primal Knife is by far the most durable, even though it lacks the strongest potency. Its durability will soon surpass that of the other blades, even with a few improvements. Once players unlock its specific upgrade, the Knife becomes truly remarkable as it becomes indestructible and never needs to be fixed.

Resident Evil 4 Remake - How to Get Primal Knife

Even when fully improved, it still falls short of reaching the highest level of Fighting Knife; nonetheless, its limitless durability will save you a great deal of money on repairs in later playthroughs and grant you an infinite number of parries to ensure that Leon is never struck or instantaneously broken. Even though it can be difficult to locate the Clockwork Castellans, the effort is well worth it while using this knife.

What’s So Special About the Primal Knife?

The Primal Knife’s unbreakable and upgradeable design distinguishes it from other Resident Evil 4 Remake knives. It will therefore never break or fail you, no matter how much you use it. In addition, more common knives can be obtained via looting different areas in the game.

Additionally, the new and special knife functionality in Resident Evil 4 Remake allows you to block opponent strikes. Even a chainsaw may be deflected with a knife. Furthermore, the Primal Knife will get stronger the more upgrades you make to it. This knife receives 2.4 Durability and 1.2 Power at the final level, making it an absolute killer.

These are every stat for the Primal Knife:

Resident Evil 4 Remake - How to Get Primal Knife

In Resident Evil 4 Remake, the Primal Knife is an incredibly potent and useful weapon that will allow you to dodge attacks and gain agility. This knife is great for finishing off adversaries or defending oneself, even though it can’t deliver a lot of damage to them.


Is Primal Knife better than Fighting Knife RE4 remake?

In terms of strength, cost, and longevity, the Primal Knife stands out as the best melee weapon in the RE4 version. The Primal Knife’s exclusive upgrade allows it to become an unbreakable blade, eliminating the need for merchant site repairs. The Fighting Knife is the better blade in terms of power.

Is Primal Knife a bonus weapon RE4 remake?

In the Resident Evil 4 remake, the Primal Knife is a bonus weapon that may be obtained by finishing the Revolution Wind-Up task. The description refers to its Exclusive Upgrade: Indestructibility and describes it as a fighting blade crafted with unlimited potential.

What is the most powerful weapon in RE4?

In Resident Evil 4, the first magnum gun available to players is called the Broken Butterfly. Magnums are the strongest weapon in the game, bar the Rocket Launcher. But they also have the rarest ammunition. One drawback of the weapon is that it has a slightly erratic accuracy.

What is the secret weapon in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

The Handcannon, Chicago Sweeper, and Primal Knife are the three additional weapons included in the Resident Evil 4 remake, excluding the Infinite Rocket Launcher. Once certain challenges have been completed, the player can purchase these hidden weapons from the Extra Content Shop.

What is the best gun in RE4 remake?

The Red9 is the greatest handgun in Resident Evil 4 Remake. When combined with the Red9 Stock, this rifle has the biggest punch and the accuracy to match. If you don’t increase its ammo capacity and reload speed right away, opponents will frequently catch you off guard.