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7 Common Customer Care Issues Faced by People


Let’s say you buy an Air Conditioner with the most upgraded there is yet. It’s working amazingly and you are very pleased with it. Unfortunately, there is a malfunction and now your AC doesn’t seem to work. At this point, most people directly go to the technician instead of calling customer care for assistance. Why is that so?

Today, everything revolves around the ‘age of the customer.’ Companies have become increasingly concerned, some might even say fixated, with how their clients are treated in recent years.

The same logic holds true for customers: a single great customer experience can turn them into lifetime brand ambassadors.

Customer service has been improved as a result of the use of technical support software. Businesses like Bluestar are constantly battling to resolve such issues. Bluestar customer service is changing rapidly and providing a positive customer experience. But even now, some customers face the same issues as before.

Here are seven of them:

1.   Slow Response

It is undeniable that customers will choose businesses that provide excellent customer service if provided the chance. Furthermore, they will share their positive experience with their friends and family members. But customers are often faced with slow response timings whenever they try to contact a customer care agent.

Many businesses consider customer service to be an additional cost rather than a source of revenue, and they do not recognize the return on investment (RoI) that can be achieved by offering a better experience.

2.   Rude Communication on the Part of Customer Service Representatives

The rudeness of the customer service representatives is the worst thing that can happen to a brand.  The moment people contact customer service, they are already feeling anxious, and if the agent communicates in a harsh manner, they do not tolerate such conduct in the future. Customers that are enraged have a bad influence on the brand.

3.   Customer Being Transferred Several Times

Changing customers across departments has been one of the reasons why consumers lose their cool. It can occur in a call centre, but also on a chat.