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7 Essential Lead Generation Tips For Real Estate Agents


Any realtor is always on the lookout for potential clients or qualified leads. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert in real estate, you will probably be interested to find out how you can effectively get leads online using such advanced tools as 3D virtual tours real estate and not waste valuable time on meaningless “cold” calls. It is better to direct your marketing budget to those who really need your services.

In this post you will find 7 tips from industry leaders on how to find and attract people who are looking for a real estate agent.

Identify the target audience

Start with a simple one, namely, determine who exactly makes up your target audience. Understanding who your potential customers are is the key to achieving your goals. In addition, people want to feel that they are being addressed personally and know everything about their situation.

Work on the USP

Owners of real estate agencies often try to stand out from the competition. This is not surprising, because competition in this area is very high. However, many agencies focus on the characteristics of the real estate being sold and its value. Of course, it is very important to talk about the objects that you sell and to use 3D rendering services to create perfect 3D virtual tours real estate near me, but it is also important to focus on why a potential client should cooperate with your company, and not with your competitors.

Become an expert in your industry

Be attentive to the questions of your potential customers. Answering them, you need to be enthusiastic and give mini-consultations like a real estate expert.

Answers to customer questions can be turned into interesting and useful content. For example, write a post with answers to the most frequently asked questions about buying real estate. Or use virtual house staging to show some practical cases. Then you need to make sure that the content is optimized for search queries.

Watch your reputation

Search engines like Google are where people most often leave and read reviews. Therefore, focus on your reputation in search engines. It is easier for real estate agencies that track their reviews and work on their reputation to win new clients. According to statistics, 60% of home buyers read reviews on the Internet before contacting a real estate agency.

Create a content repository

Improve your position in the search results with the help of content. You can create a repository of articles dedicated to a particular lifestyle or real estate that you sell.

For example, you can publish a series of articles on historically significant buildings in a particular city or show virtual tours real estate. Your goal is to create a series of three to five articles linked by common links and optimize them for keywords. All this will cost you absolutely free, and as a result you will reap the benefits in the form of an increase in the number of potential customers.

Show off already sold objects

Show potential buyers already sold real estate. For example, if somebody is looking for housing in a certain area, use virtual tours for real estate or show them real objects you have already sold in the same location. This way you can collect information about those who want to buy or rent a property in a particular location.

Create a useful lead magnet

Turn web traffic into potential customers. To do this, you can create a valuable lit magnet from which users can get useful information for them in exchange for email. For example, you can create an infographic on the following topics:

  • A complete guide to buying a property
  • 5 fatal mistakes that real estate buyers make
  • How to find virtual tours for real estate near me
  • How to find 3d rendering services near me
  • The process of buying a house from A to Z

Add a link to this infographic as a pdf to get the email addresses of potential customers. Only then will you be able to continue sending them other information. This way you will not only attract qualified leads, but also create an atmosphere of trust, positioning yourself as an expert in the real estate industry.


So, in this post, effective, according to industry leaders, ways to attract new clients to a real estate agency were listed.