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7 incredible Free Animation Software [Updated 2021]


In our childhood, we watched animated videos on televisions and it mesmerized us. However, at present everyone can make video automation since the technology has that much. In this field, there is plenty of free animation software available that can create unique animation online.

Every software has several specific attributes that make video automation so eye-capturing and productive for businesses. Doratoon is one of these free animation software that provides an opportunity for free video automation. Nevertheless, below are the 7 incredible free animation software.

1. Doratoon

Doratoon is one of the easiest video makers with tons of top-tier specifications. The main aim of the service provider is to assist visitors with automation online. As far as the interface is concerned, doratoon has a very user-friendly overview so the immature can also use it convincingly.

It provides you an opportunity to make wonderful videos to serve multiple purposes as the use of video automation has enhanced over the period. In addition to this, it is a must-recommended website for beginners as it does not require any prerequisites.

The users from numerous fields can get benefits by paying a visit to the doratoon homepage. For instance, businesses can use this platform as a marketing tool as the current trend has changed altogether. Similarly, the features of doratoon can be used in the education field and corporate sector as a tool of presentation.

Besides this, there are various specifications of doratoon that make it the best choice for video automation. To help them in finding the features we have described the gist in the following lines.

  • Video Editing services

As mentioned earlier, the doratoon is an online video maker but the services are not limited to video automation only. Doratoon also offers a video editing service to make the automation more gorgeous and highly acceptable. 

In this way, the user can adjust the opacity level, add plenty of filters, or blur the content as per choice. Likewise, there is an option to use the live backgrounds to give an appealing look.

  • Footage

This is another mesmerizing tool of doratoon. After paying a visit to the doratoon homepage, the user can beautify the presentation by exploring this attribute. It is advised to review the style pane to figure out the various styles. 

Additionally, the user has a chance to edit the footage by using this service of doratoon. Dragging the opacity slider and volume will allow you to adjust the transparency without any hindrance.

  • Eye-catching Animation Layouts

As we mentioned earlier, animation has become very easy after the entrance of doratoon as it helps you to do video automation right from the scratch. In addition, the user can make the layout as per his own choice over the black page. 

It is pertinent to mention here that there are various customizable designs available on the doratoon to grow video automation to the next level.

  • Material Alignment

It has been observed on many automation software that management of text is a tedious job. Nonetheless, by paying a visit to the doratoon homepage, the user can align the text comfortably. 

It is suggested to explore the feature of adsorption that has been specifically created to entertain this hurdle of the video makers. The gridlines jump in immediately and assist you to manage the text resourcefully.

2. Maya

This is a wonderful automation software and it is claimed as one of the finest in the field. According to Maya, it assists in creating amazing video games and animated pictures with 3D effects. It is important to highlight here that this animation software has a few advanced features that make the video animation more effective. These include clip matching features and character animators.

Businesses can use it for advanced-level projects and animation online. Similarly, the realistic effects of the software offer a wide range of options to make the animation brilliant.


3. Renderforest

This is an all-in-one animation software that can be used by beginners, businesses, and professionals. As far as the specialty of the service provider is concerned, the software works as a colleague since the user-friendly interface makes it the best choice for businesses.

Like many other animation software, by using Renderforest software, the user can video automation in a few clicks. It also used artificial intelligence and machine learning as part of its operations. Therefore, it makes the final result more eye-capturing and stunning.

4. Adobe Animate

This is a vector and 2D animation video creator with highly acceptable features. The advanced technology of Adobe Animate has brought it to the list of incredible software for video automation. Furthermore, the vector graphics and drag-drop option are among the key qualities of adobe animate software.

There are many productive templates available that make the animation online way more effective. Likewise, the marvelous color and tone effects are gorgeous since they create the best results for the video creator.

5. Pencil2D

The hard-drawn animations can be made with the use of Pencil2D software. As far as the pricing of the software is concerned, this is open source software and free of cost for animation online. Furthermore, mastering digital arts is best recommended to beginners.

There are plenty of features that make it the best choice for video automation. This is cross-platform software and compatible with all high-quality operating systems and browsers. Consequently, all these specifications result in a fine and brilliant masterpiece in the shape of automation.

6. Animaker

Animaker is the latest video automation software and has been in the market to serve multiple industries. However, few existing users of the software have recently claimed that the software offers video automation of basic types only.

Apart from that, the software is recommended for short video making, cloud-based animations, and video maker for GIF. Additionally, the most famous attribute of the video creator is its creation of video in six unique styles. In continuation with this, the background change and unique music are the additional benefits of it.

7. OpenToonz

Here comes the last one on the list but not the least. This is recommended to the programmers and artists since the features of the software are wonderful. The high level of customization makes it the better choice over competitors.

The key attributes of OpenToonz are its GTS scanning and compatibility with the TWAIN. Furthermore, various keyboard shortcuts can be used to make the work speedy. The cutout and seamless video animation are the top-tier attributes of it.

Final thoughts

Above are the seven video automation platforms that are placing their efforts to make automation easy. Nevertheless, doratoon is the key name among them as it offers a wide range of specifications and the interface is way more effective than others.

To use the services of doratoon, the user has to pay a visit to doratoon homepage where the entire features are readily available. Besides this, video automation is the best source to engage potential customers and make their minds in purchasing the product of your business. Communication and marketing can be more result-oriented by using video animation services.