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7 Remote Locations You Wouldn’t Know About


There are lots of things that we would not know about if the pandemic did not happen. With detrimental health consequences and challenges for businesses, it also brought something good, though. Everyone had to adjust to the new normal. 

A lot of jobs had to change their approach and become online alternatives. Of course, a dentist cannot fix your cavity through Zoom. Luckily, some businesses had established online networks. Typing ‘pay for paper on’ did not change. But some jobs found surprisingly innovative solutions.

You are likely to have noticed it if your part-time job changed the format. And of course, you went through many changes in your studies. Zoom lectures and seminars seemed odd in the beginning. But later on, everyone got so used to the new reality. And people started seeing pluses.

The best change that happened is… traveling. I know what you are thinking. COVID only brought restrictions and a whole bunch of paperwork. It did. But the pandemic also gave us an unparalleled opportunity to work and study from any corner of the world.

Of course, it is important to be cautious in order not to get sick/infect someone else. But what if you go to a secluded location for your remote work? To a distant destination where you can continue distance learning? Check out some places you wouldn’t know about if the pandemic did not happen. And if we did not write this article, of course.

This group of islands is part of Yemen. Do you have any guesses why it won the title of ‘the most alien-looking place on Earth’? Dragon’s blood is not a potion from Harry Potter here. And cucumber does not only mean a vegetable here. These are unusual names for unusual trees growing here. Besides, a lot of plants and animals in Socotra can be found only here. 

  • Coffee Club

Not just a club, of course. It is the name of the island at the northern tip of Greenland. It owes its name to the Kaffeklubben at the Mineralogical Museum in Copenhagen. The most remote place in Greenland is Ittoqqortoormiit, though. Both places deserve to be on your list to visit during the gap year.

Here is one thing you should know about Danish words. This language likes compound nouns, just like German. The words like to spoon, perhaps because of the cold climate. This is why Scrabble in Denmark is considered an extreme sport. And a number-one cause of wrist injuries.

  • Macquarie Island

What is your favorite bird that does not fly? If you are fond of blue peacocks, you should go to India or Sri Lanka. If ostriches are your favorites, visit the residence of the ex-president of Ukraine; he kept a whole farm. But if you adore these awkward birds wearing tuxedo jackets, visit Macquarie Island between New Zealand and Antarctica. There are around 2 million penguins on the island in the high season!