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7 YouTube Features to Boost Your Channel Engagement


Usually it happens that if you are not a long-time YouTube user, many important features within the app get overlooked. There is immense scope of optimization within the app that can really increase every day engagement. In this article we have tried to shed light on some of these hidden features that can improve your YouTube performance.

For people who want to buy YouTube subscribers, it is also important to integrate organic tactics. If you want to retain the followers you have bought, these tactics become a must. The following features can help you within this field-

1. Channel Analytics

Within YouTube Studio- you shall find a certain feature called channel analytics. This will give you detailed insights on how well your videos have performed through time. Of course, looking at these statistics doesn’t give you direct engagement.

However, it is the perfect way to point out mistakes in your YouTube strategy and cover loopholes that could be damaging your reach. Moreover, these analytics will let you know what kind of content will naturally get more interaction. Further, you will be informed about different demographics, total viewership, and drop points.

2. SEO Optimization

There are various ways in which YouTube SEO can be optimized in order to reach higher search rankings. Naturally, this leads to more engagement, views, and even subscribers. To start with, you will need to insert the right keywords in various places. 

This includes your bio, your video captions, video titles, video descriptions, and so on. Therefore, make sure you use effective keyword search tools. For instance, Google Keyword Planner, Moz/SEMRush, and Google Search as well.

In case you decide to use the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers, then they might complete SEO Optimization for you on their own!

3. Autoplay, Playlists, and Featured Content

While using YouTube, you might have often encountered videos that always end with another video in cue. When you create a playlist, you actually put multiple videos in cue one after another. Playlists and autoplay features usually lead people to watch more content than they intended. Therefore, you can easily get your audiences to watch and interact with multiple videos in your channel. 

Furthermore, YouTube allows you to change settings, so that you may feature separate content for old subscribers and new viewers. We highly recommend that you customize your ‘featured content’ according to the needs of different viewers.

4. Don’t Forget to Use a Video Category

There are many users who employ advanced search options to explore YouTube. Therefore, your audiences might be picking out categories that your videos belong to as well. It is always better to contextualize your video within different categories at the time that you upload them. Naturally, this improves your chances of being found on YouTube- particularly by an audience that shares more than usual interest in your content matter. In fact, YouTube has a large number of categories you can pick from. For instance, auto and vehicles, music, pets and animas, sports, gaming, etc.

5. YouTube Promotion

There are various free ways on YouTube through which you can promote your videos. To start with, you can simply add call to actions in your video and ask people to ‘share’ your content. YouTube’s built in share button facilitates this quite well! 

Other than this, there are YouTube cards that pop up within YouTube videos. The cards basically contain links to other videos from your account, or you can even direct your audience to approved websites! These can also direct people to interactive polls, surveys, etc. in case you want to hype up engagement rates.

6. Add Links

This is another free way to promote different YouTube videos within your channel. Your video descriptions can contain links to your other videos in case you would like to drive traffic there. However, make sure that the video description is readable and interesting. 

Also, it is essential that the video link you add is relevant to the video post that the viewer has actually opened. Various YouTube artists like Lilly Singh are seen using this strategy quite often.

7. Improve Your Thumbnails

It has been found that well-made thumbnails can increase your engagement by as much as 154%. Moreover, 90% of the best video productions on the platform make use of attractive custom thumbnails. Some things to keep in mind are-

  • You should have a different thumbnail for different videos
  • The images should be in high resolution- ideally 1280 x 720 pixels
  • The text should be readable on all screens
  • You can add some branding or explainer text to make the thumbnail standout


We are sure that by now you already know a lot tactics on how to organically boost your YouTube engagement. There is a lot more similar content on our website that can give you further insights on this topic. So- stay tuned for more!