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8 Early Warning Signs That Your Child is Stressed About Schooling


8 Early Warning Signs That Your Child is Stressed About Schooling

Did you know that even toddlers and children also go through various phases of stress?  No, Right! You must have been thinking that stress is something that only adult people deal with and more specifically college or university students go through the stress. Most academic causes of stress for graduate and post-graduate students are their academic tasks like assignments, dissertations, etc but for that, they have the opportunity to buy Dissertation Service and and other such academic assistance.

However; the case is completely opposite for high school students. There reason for stress is not academic tasks only but multiple factors are involved. Besides, their stress doesn’t get buying Dissertation Proofreading Service UK-based or by earning more money. They need the attention and time of their loved ones which is the most difficult thing to get. This post is intended to highlight the types of stress and the signs that tell that your child is stressed about schooling. 

Types of stress in students:

“Don’t bother me, I’m so stressed right now”, is one of the most commonly heard sentences, mainly by the students. It is not solely because of academic reasons as there must be some personal problems but sometimes the academic pressure triggers the stress points even more than personal life causes of stress. The following are a few of the common types of stress that are prevalent in students;

  • Environmental stress.
  • Postural stress.
  • Emotional stress.
  • Nutritional stress.

Causes of stress in students:

In this age of competition, students face many challenges in their academics which sometimes create barriers on their way to success (bestassignmentwriters, 2022). There might be different causes of stress in students which is why they avoid going to school but the most common causes are as follows;

  • Children being bullied at school.
  • Afraid of not being able to meet the deadlines.
  • Fear of not being able to attain good grades.
  • Poor time management skills.
  • Being scolded by the teachers quite often.

Early warning signs that your child is stressed about school:

If stress or anxiety is not treated at the right time then it can get bigger resulting in some serious phobias and depression. Stress affects students in multiple ways (Park, 2016). The following are some of the common signs that are found in high-school students;

  • Avoiding others:

Adults might like it but children never want themselves to be left alone, as long as, they are dealing with some issues. These issues cause stress in students and the situation demands them to stay alone. The sudden change in the behavior of students who used to enjoy your company or the company of their friends. Now, wanting to be left alone is the most common sign of stress in high school students. 

  • Changes in appetite:

Another sign of stress because of schooling is the changes in appetite. This change can be of two types;

  • Loss of appetite.
  • Increase in appetite.

When a student is stressed, his psychological and emotional points are triggered resulting in changes in the digestive tract and stomach of an individual. 

  • Enhanced physical distress:

Getting a headache might be a natural cause but getting those severe headachess and postural pains in high school students is not normal.  The physical signs of stress in students because of schooling can be as follows;

  • Headaches.
  • Neck stretching.
  • Fatigue.
  • Gastrointestinal issues.
  • Changes in sleep pattern:

If you see your child avoiding going to bed, or telling you to keep the lights on then this is also a sign of stress. Stress also causes sleep deprivation in a child or sometimes students face nightmares. However; there are times, some students are seen dealing with stress by over-sleeping. So; be careful of both situations.

  • Getting clingy all the time:

Are you getting fed up with your child’s clinginess? Well! Don’t shoo them away, they are asking for your attention because they are dealing with some kind of stress in school. However; not all clingy children are stressed out but the ones who are being clingy more than usual at the time of going to school are stressed ones. 

  • Loss of confidence:

When you see your child avoiding sitting in family gatherings or not being able to see in the eyes of other people then it means that he is lacking confidence. This sudden lack of confidence is also a prominent sign of stress in high school students.

  • Unnecessary stubbornness:

Stubbornness in itself is unnecessary but it is also a kind of right of children to cry over a certain thing. However; when the stubbornness of students increases more than regular then it is a sign of stress. This unnecessary stubbornness can be not wanting to go to school, refusing to eat, and so on. 

  • Unable to concentrate:

Another prominent sign that has been seen in stressed-out high school students is their sudden loss of grades. Students begin to feel aloof from their studies and do not concentrate on them as they used to do before. 

Tips to ease the stress of students:

Even though the psyche of each student varies depending upon his stress trigger level and other such factors but the following ways will help in easing the stress of school-going children;

  • Providing a healthy diet.
  • Telling them to take calming breaths.
  • Letting them know that you love them.
  • Paying attention to them.
  • Helping them with their academic tasks.
  • Allowing them to follow their passion.


Stress, anxiety, depression, and all other such forms of psychological disturbances are prevalent in today’s time more than in earlier time periods. It is probably because the academic load and work-life load has been increased so much on the people that they keep worrying about it. Hopefully; the above-mentioned post will help the readers in getting to know whether or not their child is stressed out or not. 


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