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A Guide to Find All the Cornbreads in Roblox Find The Cornbreads


This game is fun as well as bit harder so hold tight and read the full guide to unlock and collect all the cornbreads.

We will guide you through how you can get all the cornbreads including, rare and legendary ones.

New Skull Cornbread

So lets start from the easy ones and in the spawn you can find the building show in the image below and get your new skull cornbread by jumping on it.

Cactus Cornbread

Now you need to get up on the cactus as there is a hidden door in the cactus and just jump carefully as it is tight in there, once you reach at the top you will find there your Cactus cornbread.

cactus cornbread

Booger cornbread can be found easily outside the house.

Rooster cornbread can be found easily outside the home just stand on the edge where it is running and catch it once it passes through you.

Friendship Cornbread

You will find it on the top of house, it is in the window, do not try jumping to get it just keep it simple. Go inside the house and climb the stairs to get it.

Friendship Cornbread

There is also a cornbread on the top of the house on the roof go and get it.

Find the Cornbread Marker

You need to click 6 buttons in find the markers and same in the find the cornbreads to get the cornbread marker or the marker cornbread. Actually there is a button for the cornbread marker you got to activate one of them.

There are 4 buttons that unlocks a secret wall marker that is connected in find the markers then u can get cornbread marker.

Knight of the Mountains is a cornbread that is a Mythical.

Facts to Know About Cornbreads Roblox (Wiki)

Find the cornbreads is a roblox game made by three people known as Dunzap, Lachryy, and Dovick29. The basic goal of the game is to gather all of the items by searching the area for them, completing quests to unlock them, or purchasing them in the shop (not in the game yet). There are now 39 cornbreads and 11 event cornbreads available (as of server version 51)

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Conclusion: These cornbreads are somehow easy and tricky to get jusy you need to focus and share your thoughts with us, Happy playing roblox.