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How to Get Drone in Roblox Bedwars


Roblox has just released the new syber drone kit and we will tell you how you can get it for free in roblox bedwars. This drone has been added on April 30, 2022.

So it is very important to have the kit first if you want to have the drone.

This drone is really aamazing since this drone can be used to pick up resources and TNT even from a far distance.

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Precautions on Drone: You can pick only one type of item at a time also keep it in mind that when you are not holding the drone the drone can fall to the ground and it will not despawn.

It will be in your inventory so you don’t have to worry all you have to do is just to hold the tablet while using the drone as similar to Vulcan’s tablet.

How can you buy Drone in Roblox Bedwars

Though players that have the cyber kit can buy this drone from the item shop only for 15 iron.

How to Spawn Drone in Roblox

You can drop drone and give everyone on your team drone and drone panel.

You can type /spawn drone to spawn it.

How Can you use Drone to carry Rageblade?

Use this method to use drone to carry regeblade:

Drone+Bavarian= easy rageblade

How to get drone for free

You can ask your friend to send it as gift this is the best method to get drone for free. All you will have to do is just to accept it and you will get drone for free in roblox bedwars.