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A Quick Travel Guide To The Best Adult Playground Destinations Worldwide


Preparing to go abroad is exciting for anyone. Whether you’re planning to go with family, a small group of friends, work colleagues or as part of a bigger crowd for a special occasion like a stag weekend or birthday a new city can offer much variety on attractions to see and activities to do. Especially if you’re a fan of bright lights, exciting nightlife, thrilling games, and playing slots at your local casino, we’re sure that you’d enjoy a casino-themed holiday. Worldwide, there are plenty of destinations for adults wanting to have the craziest fun, ranging from experiences for enthusiastic casino goers and budding beginners. From infamous cities with a reputation for wild nightlife to cities with lesser-known reputations, we’ve compiled a quick travel guide to some of the best gambling destinations worldwide, which are even suitable for those travelling companions that don’t share your high roller lifestyle.

Travel to Chicago to take in live music and theatrical performances.The Windy City boasts a fair number of rooftop lounges, swanky hotel bars and booming clubs, beer gardens and patio bars. Taking your heavy luggage at a crowded party is a big no no. Drop them at Chicago Luggage storage Union Station only to pick them up when you are planning on commuting to your next destination.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Without Las Vegas, the notoriously known ‘Sin City, ‘no worldwide travel guide to the best gambling destinations could be considered complete. Las Vegas is often considered the ultimate destination for gambling enthusiasts and party animals alike, with such an array of clubs, bars, and casinos that it would be impossible to visit them all in one night. Adding to its atmosphere are the bright, colourful, flashing lights that decorate the strip and the countless movies and T.V shows that promote Vegas’ fun-loving reputation.

For the part of your entourage that doesn’t enjoy the high stakes of gambling, countless other activities ranging from sight-seeing, nightclubs, restaurants, and live shows, making Vegas a desirable option for travel enthusiasts. Some casinos also double as hotels so that you can combine your stay easily with your interests; a few of the most popular tourist destinations are; MGM Grand, Bellagio Hotel & Casino, and The Mirage.

London, United Kingdom

London is the capital of the United Kingdom, and one of the most sought out travel destinations in the world is another city deserving of a place on our list of the best gambling destinations worldwide. Between Chinatown and the West End, London has an incredible amount to offer for potential travellers and is another destination that is ideal for gambling enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike. In the West End, you can find popular casinos dotted around everywhere, such as The Palm Beach Casino, The Sportsman Casino, or The Hippodrome Casino, perfect for playing slots, blackjack, or poker in-between sight-seeing.

For the non-gamblers in your mix, you could experience live shows, popular tourist attractions like Leicester Square and sample the vast array of cuisines that London has to offer. Or you could head over to Chinatown to experience the nightlife there and grab a bite to eat, in-between visiting some legendary casinos such as; Genting Casino Chinatown, Lola’s Underground Casino, or Horizons Casino. In-between sight-seeing, you could also try online slots games for mobile play that you can participate in anytime and anywhere. Have a look at these online gambling guides from Online Casino Reviews for more information and see how online casino guides can help to improve your strategies.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Infamously featuring in the James Bond films is Monaco’s own Monte Carlo, perhaps one of our most expensive holiday destinations on this list but deserving of a place, no doubt. Monte Carlo has become one of the most visited gambling destinations worldwide, as a large number of the area’s riches have come from its nightlife reputation and is still well renowned for this cause now.

As well as boasting an untouchable nightlife reputation, Monaco is also well-known for its lavish lifestyle, and those who holiday there are prone to splurging and taking part in the country’s high roller lifestyle.  Some of the most popular destinations for gambling enthusiasts visiting Monte Carlo are Casino de Monte Carlo, Sun Casino, Casino Café de Paris, and Monte-Carlo Bay Casino. Most double as hotels, much like Vegas, so you won’t have to travel far to seek out a casino. Although, be sure to take a suit with you because Monaco has very luxurious tastes, and the casinos there have stringent dress codes.

Macau, China

Despite being the only area of the country where betting is permitted, Macau has quickly secured a globally known reputation for itself as one of the most popular gambling destinations worldwide. Alongside many attractive tourist sites like the Ruins of St. Paul’s, Senado Square, and A-Ma Temple, the country also boasts one of the most extensive casino floors in the whole world, which stands at 376, 000 square feet (or 56 football fields) and is situated within The Venetian. Macau offers a diverse insight into the world of gambling, which you can view for yourself at some of these popular casinos; The Wynn Palace, The Parisian Macau, or MGM Macau.