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After 400 Hours in the Elden Ring, a Player Discovers a New Threat


After playing Elden Ring for more than 400 hours, a player notices that one of their foes has learned a new ability. The vast world of Elden Ring is rife with mysteries, and gamers are always unearthing fresh content that is buried within the most recent release from FromSoftware. Even after spending 800 hours with the game, one player discovered a new way for adversaries in Elden Ring to interact with one another. In this particular instance, the player was engaged in combat with the Great Wyrm Theodorix boss when they accidentally provoked a Giant Land Octopus that was nearby. After an intense struggle between the foes, during which the player stood back and observed the action from a distance, this occurred.

Now, another fan of Elden Ring has discovered a new attack utilized by an adversary despite the fact that they have played it for more than 400 hours. Oldeluke is forced to flee from the adversary as the skeleton leaps into the air and begins to soar about the battlefield while executing what appears to be a fire-breath attack. oldeluke claims to have played Elden Ring for over 400 hours without ever seeing this attack, and it appears that other fans are just as astonished by this revelation as he is. Many players have stated in the comments area that they have logged hundreds of hours in the realm of Elden Ring, but that they are only now seeing a skeleton utilize this maneuver for the first time.

It would appear that this attack is not used very often, as a number of players have stated that they have completed numerous runs of Elden Ring without ever witnessing it being employed. One user has commented that this revelation is both scary and humorous, while another user has pointed out that opponents known as Giant Oracle Envoys can also utilize a move that is quite similar to this one. It is interesting to find that users are still discovering new moves after playing Elden Ring for hundreds of hours, given that the game has been available for purchase for well over a year. It will be interesting to see if there are any more hidden secrets in Elden Ring that have yet to be uncovered, however, it is probable that most of them have been published online by the user population.