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How to Find All the Moonstone Garden Chests in Hogwarts Legacy


While adventuring through the Highlands in Hogwarts Legacy, not only are there a plethora of hidden secrets to unearth but also a multitude of collectibles to look for in each and every one of the game’s locations. You will come across a lot of different stuff on your quest, including collections chests, among other things. These chests will reward you with items that can change your appearance, such as different clothing styles and wand handles. If you are able to navigate your way through the Moonstone Garden, you will find two of these chests buried deep within the garden’s interior. You will learn in this article where to look for each of the Moonstone Garden Collections Chests that are hidden throughout the Hogwarts legacy game. So let’s get started:

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How to Find All the Moonstone Garden Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

The Moonstone Garden is only one of the many dungeons that you will have the opportunity to explore during the game. During the course of Poppy Sweeting’s quest line, you will find yourself in this dungeon. Poppy will investigate the Moonstone Garden once you have been informed of its existence. She will then instruct you to meet her at the region that is located to the west of Irondale. Following your conversation with her, a sequence will play, and then you will be granted access to the Moonstone Garden, where you will find two Collections Chests waiting for you there.

How to Find All the Moonstone Garden Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

Proceed into the dungeon until you reach the chamber where you are halted by a wall with beams obstructing your way. This is the room where the first chest can be found. You’ll find a variety of handles on the walls, and in order to pull them, you’ll need to utilize Accio. The Collections Chest may be found hidden behind the wall panel on the left side of the chamber that features a Celtic knot and circle motifs. To open the chest, you will need to pull the correct handles, which will activate the panel and cause it to descend.

How to Find All the Moonstone Garden Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

You can proceed deeper into the dungeon by utilizing the moths and Depulso to open the door. Once the door has been opened, once you are in the next chamber, look down where the gap is to uncover a whirlpool. You can access a new area of the dungeon by diving down into the vortex and emerging on the other side.

How to Find All the Moonstone Garden Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

After you have emerged from the water, you will need to swim to the shore and then duck under the stone pillar to enter a small tunnel. Once inside, you will need to remain in a crouched position. As soon as you are standing, take a left turn and then a right turn to access another area that is full with water. You’ll find a long passageway if you swim to the opposite side of the room. The second Collections Chest is located at the end of the corridor where you just came from.

How to Find All the Moonstone Garden Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

Now that you’ve discovered all of the chests, you may shift your focus to discovering all of the Collections Chests that are hidden in the Bell Tower Wing of Hogwarts Castle.


How do you get Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts Legacy?

You must complete Sebastian Sallow’s romance quest path in order to learn Avada Kedavra and unlock the killing curse in Hogwarts Legacy. This will also allow you to unlock the curse. In the Shadow of the Relic is the name of the mission that you need to finish to progress through the story.

What is the secret room in Hogwarts mystery?

When pupils have reached Year 3, Rank 6, Milestone 21, access to the Secret Club chamber will be granted to them. When you unlock the Secret Room in one club, you gain access to it in ALL clubs, regardless of how far along in the game you are. Both the Location Selection menu and the individual club rooms contain a door that leads to the Secret Club room.

What floor is forbidden in Hogwarts?

There is a hallway on the third level of Hogwarts that is referred to as the Forbidden hallway in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. This corridor is called the Third-level Corridor. Students are given a stern warning at the beginning of the school year to steer clear of it if they do not want to suffer an excruciating death.

How do you get the chests in Moonstone Garden Hogwarts legacy?

As you progress through The Centaur And The Stone relationship quest, you will unlock the entrance to the Moonstone Garden dungeon. Keep in mind that you can get the Chests either while you are on the quest or after it has concluded, as you have unlimited access to the Dungeon.

Where is the best gear in Hogwarts Legacy?

If you visit the Gladrags Wizardwear Shop early on in the game, you will have the opportunity to purchase Legendary Gear. It is important to note that a significant amount of game time is required in order to obtain legendary gear in Hogwarts Legacy.