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Alan Wake 2 – All Saga Inventory Upgrades


You’ll need to improve Alan and Saga’s storage independently because they don’t share items. To note, some players are reportedly reporting a glitch that stops two of the game’s inventory upgrades from displaying. It is presently unknown why this glitch occurs, but it affects the upgrades from the Cauldron Lake Shore Cult Stash and the Watery Lighthouse. All of the alan wake 2 saga inventory improvements are detailed here.

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Saga Inventory Upgrade # 1:

When players travel to the Cauldron Lake General Store in Alan Wake 2’s Return 2: The Heart chapter, they will have the opportunity to pick up the initial Saga inventory upgrade there. To be more exact, the upgrade is located in the room with the freezer and can be found on a filing cabinet that is placed behind the Sawed-Off Shotgun.

Alan Wake 2 - All Saga Inventory Upgrades

Saga Inventory Upgrade # 2:

The second upgrade for Saga’s inventory may be found in a Cult Stash located on the southernmost part of the Cauldron Lake Shore. The Overlap in Cauldron Lake is an important aspect of the main storyline, and in order for players to unlock this container, all they need to do is repeat the pattern that is displayed on the lock. This container is made available to them once they have visited the Overlap in Cauldron Lake.

Alan Wake 2 - All Saga Inventory Upgrades

Saga Inventory Upgrade # 3:

After Saga completes the Alan Wake 2 chapter Return 5: Old Gods and accomplishes the objective of acquiring the Bolt Cutters, she will be able to acquire the third inventory improvement for her character. Players should head to Harbor Street on the south side of Bright Falls town after they have the Bolt Cutters in their possession. after there, they should use the tool to cut the lock on the gate at the pier in order to gain access.

Alan Wake 2 - All Saga Inventory Upgrades

After passing through the gate, players need to go inside the little building that is on their right just beyond the gate in order to find a Cult Stash. The number 697 must be entered into the lock of this container in order to access it, and the third inventory upgrade may be found within.

Saga Inventory Upgrade # 4:

Inside the Watery Lighthouse, on a tiny round table, is Saga’s fourth and final inventory improvement. In Alan Wake 2, there are a total of 22 Cult Stashes that must be opened before players may get access to the building. The key to the Watery Lighthouse, which can be used to open the building’s closed entrance, is guaranteed to appear in the 22nd Cult Stash that fans uncover.

Alan Wake 2 - All Saga Inventory Upgrades

How to Increase Saga Anderson’s Inventory Space

Saga’s storage capacity can be increased by acquiring new satchels. There are three of them to find, and because to the semi-open world aspect of the game, you can pick them up later if you miss them the first time. Saga’s satchels can be found in one of three places:

  • Cauldron Lake General Store – In Return 2: The Heart, you’ll visit this shop for the first time. The bag can be found in a compact space, atop an inverted filing cabinet.
  • Cauldron Lake Coast – When Return 2: The Heart concludes, Saga will have made her way to the coast of Cauldron Lake and met Alan Wake. After this gathering, look for a fallen branch near the ground to uncover a cult stash. The satchel is inside the safe once you unlock the safe by pressing the buttons on the lock in the order that they illuminate.
  • Bright Falls Fishing Shack – The fishing shack is visible early in the game, but you won’t be able to enter it until you find some bolt cutters, which isn’t until Return 5: Old Gods. You’ll find a cult stockpile in a bag if you enter the shack by the dock in Bright Falls. The lock’s combination is (6, 9, 7).


Will Alan Wake 2 have new game plus?

Final Draft mode is available in New Game Plus for Alan Wake 2, and it has an increased level of challenge, the opportunity to carry over weapons and skills, and the possibility of new plot content.

How many DLC are in Alan Wake?

There are a total of six different episodes included in the main game. In addition, as downloadable content (DLC), two “special features” called “The Signal” and “The Writer” have been made available for purchase and download.

Is Alan Wake 2 Next Gen only?

The digital version of Alan Wake 2 may be purchased for the PC through the Epic Games Store, as well as for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Will Alan Wake 2 be scary?

“Alan Wake 2,” in addition to the top horror games of the year The new horror video game Alan Wake 2 manages to be terrifying, smart, and hilarious all at the same time. However, it is only the most recent and acclaimed horror title that will be released in 2023.

Who is the bad guy in Alan Wake 2?

Following Alex Casey’s investigation of the “Cult of the Word” led by Alan’s evil doppelganger Mr. Scratch, who survived his erasure from existence, Alan began navigating a dark and twisted version of New York City.