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Alan Wake 2: Wellness Center Door Knob Guide


A door in Alan Wake 2’s Wellness Center is without its knob, yet players are encouraged to open it. Fans should add the Hunting Rifle from the room beyond that door to Saga’s arsenal. Finding the door knob in the center’s maze of locked security doors is difficult despite clues. Alan Wake 2 wellness center door knob guide:

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How to Unlock the Doors in the Wellness Center

When you first enter the Valhalla Nursing Home, you’ll go via the Wellness Center, a modest room. You might stumble onto the doorknob-less door early on but don’t worry about it until you reach the Security Room (which you can see on the map above). The computer in the security office is password protected, and if you take a good look around you’ll see that the office belongs to Vladimir Blum.

Alan Wake 2: Wellness Center Door Knob Guide

If you’re simply after the code, it’s down here. However, if you’d like to solve it on your own, you can do so by perusing the room’s other clues, such as the calendar, Blum’s notebook on the counter, and the letter from the Cult. When posted together on the Case Board, they provide a clue to the password, which is a date in European format.

Alan Wake 2: Wellness Center Door Knob Guide

The date is August 17, 2023, and the corresponding code is 170823. Entering the code into the computer will disable the security doors, allowing you to open all of the locked doors in the Wellness Center.

Door Knob Location in Alan Wake 2

To get the doorknob, you must first unlock the Wellness Center’s door using the computer in the Security Room. The passcode for the Security Room’s computer is 170823, and you can access it through the hall’s knob-less door.

After using the computer to unlock the entrance, players should enter Ward Reception through the northmost pair of automatic doors. If you’re a fan of survival horror games, you should enter the Staff Lounge through the wooden door on the right, turn right, and go through the next door. The Wellness Center’s doorknob is in a box on the lobby floor, where the players now find themselves.

Alan Wake 2: Wellness Center Door Knob Guide

Players can exit the Security Room using the door knob and re-enter the Workshop through the same door. The Hunting Rifle is stored in an open locker in this area, accessible to fans. Players can return to the Return 5: Old Gods chapter after acquiring that Alan Wake 2 weapon from the Workshop, though they may wish to investigate the Deer Head and Manuscript Page there first.

Alan Wake 2: Wellness Center Door Knob Guide

Despite the Hunting Rifle’s potency, especially after upgrades, ammunition might be hard to come by. As a result, players may reserve its use for the game’s more challenging foes in Alan Wake 2. Because missing a target and wasting ammunition from the Hunting Rifle is so frustrating, players should take their time when lining up shots.


How do you get the rifle in Alan Wake 2?

It’s accessible from the Office via the left-hand door, a short distance beyond the restroom, and another left turn. Take note that right before you enter the Security Room, you’ll pass the Workshop. You may see your prized Hunting Rifle hanging inside.

How long to beat Alan Wake 2?

If you stick to the main story, Alan Wake 2 should take you around 1612 hours to complete. To see everything the game has to offer, a dedicated player should set aside at least 27 hours.

Should I play Alan Wake 1 before 2?

Playing Control prior to Alan Wake 2 may help players better grasp the Federal Bureau of Control, but it is not required.

What game is Alan Wake connected to?

Thus, properly speaking, Control was the second RCU game. The strange occurrences at Cauldron Lake, including Alan Wake, were incorporated into the narrative of Control. Later, with the Control expansion AWE, Remedy doubled down on this, committing totally to having both games take place in the same universe.