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Remnant 2 – Should You Kill Faelin or Faerin


Remnant 2 features dozens of bosses, and it is physically impossible to see them all in a single running of the campaign due to the game’s emphasis on branching questlines in each level. In one quest chain, you must track down the Imposter King, a being with two names in different dimensions: Faelin and Faerin. It is possible to spend a considerable amount of time in Remnant 2 exploring Losomn in search of murals depicting Faelin and Faerin, the two presumed monarchs of that realm. Should You Kill Faelin or Faerin in the Remnant 2?

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Should You Kill Faelin or Faerin

The items gained from any method of killing Faelin or Faerin are the major factors to consider. Indeed, in both cases, Soulslike fans will be rewarded with a weapon and a ring, albeit the details of those rewards will vary depending on which imposter is eliminated. Find out more about those things below:

Faerin’s Sigil (Ring): When you land a critical hit or hit a weak spot, your Mod Power will increase by 10%.

Remnant 2 - Should You Kill Faelin or Faerin

Faelin’s Sigil (Ring):  Mod Power is increased by 10% when using melee attacks.

Remnant 2 - Should You Kill Faelin or Faerin

Killing Faelin in the Beatific Gallery yields rewards that favor ranged builds, whereas killing Faerin in the Malefic Gallery yields rewards that favor melee builds, as players are sure to notice. Therefore, players of Remnant 2 should think about their favorite playstyle and archetype while deciding.

Finally, it should be noted that players won’t automatically gain access to these things after killing an imposter. Instead of a weapon, players of third-person shooters will receive a crafting material (Imposter’s Heart or Melded Hilt) that Ava McCabe may use in Ward 13 to forge the associated weapon out of Luminite Crystals and Scrap. Speaking with Faelin or Faerin after their counterpart has been sent out is required to receive the rings.

How to Switch between Faelin and Faerin

Fun fact: Faelin and Faerin share the same suit of armor, although one is black and the other is gold. They also have separate quarters within the palace, even if they may share the same room during the day. Once you’ve made your choice, head to the mural where you initially spawn in the palace and kill one of the two faces. To determine which painting is within, use the handle to rotate the enormous mural.

Remnant 2 - Should You Kill Faelin or Faerin


Which one is Faelin Remnant 2?

The Beatific Gallery in Losomn is where Faelin makes her home. He is Faerin’s opposite in this scenario. In order for The Imposter mission that was provided by Nimue to be completed, the players need to beat either of them.

Who is the real Faerin?

In Remnant 2, Faerin serves as a Boss. Alongside Faelin, the imposter who has usurped the throne of The One True King in Losomn, Faerin is one of the Main Bosses that you will face in Remnant. Bosses are the most difficult enemies to face since they offer a fight that is more difficult than that of regular enemies or “Elite” enemies.

Should I fight Faelin or Faerin?

The loot from defeating Faelin is more suited to ranged builds, while that of Faerin is more useful to melee characters. Both options are equally plausible and neither will significantly alter the story’s trajectory.

What is the most op weapon in Remnant 2?

It’s a Cube Gun. This revolver is without a doubt one of the most potent handguns you will come across in Remnant 2. Because it is a special weapon, it comes equipped with a mod known as the Cube Shield, which is where the name of this pistol derives from.

What is the best archetype in Remnant 2?

If you want to avoid taking damage as much as possible in Remnant 2, the Invader Archetype is your best bet. Incorporating this character type into a player’s loadout is highly advantageous because it strengthens the player’s first line of defense.