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All You Need to Know About Spooky Tie Roblox Codes


Here we will discuss about Spooky tie history and its code so that you can get it any moment you want to. Spooky Tie is one of the Hallow tie and On September 13, 2013, Spooky Tie was added to the avatar shop. It costs 13 Robux to buy. A total of 33,219 people have bought it and 1,169 people have favorited it as of February 11, 2017 it has Horror genre.

Why isn’t the Spooky tie working in Roblox Game?

You might have just purchased spooky tie but it won’t come on to your game avatar. Strangely, it showed up in the avatar shop in “recently updated” along with the new limiteds. Roblox may have tried to make it limited but it broke.

But you do not worry it can be a glitch which will be solved in any next update.

Spooky Tie – Roblox Code ID 12953346

This is not so expensice as it the only accessory that is 13 Robux.

10 Lives – Roblox Code ID 50943378

How do you make a Halloween costume on Roblox for free?

  • In the browser: Go to Costumes
  • Go to the Avatar section of the navigation bar and select your avatar.
  • Add or remove items until you get the look you want for your avatar.
  • The Costumes tab can be accessed after the avatar is set.
  • To create a new costume, select Create New Costume from the menu.
  • Create a new account by entering a name and tapping the Create button.

how to get free halloween costumes in roblox?

You need to redeem both of the Halloween promo codes and these will give you free Halloween items.