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How to Find and Unlock All the Bacon Girls? Roblox


Find the bacon girls is one of the most interesting games. It is loved by millions of gamers around the world but it can be challenging to find and unlock the bacon girls in the game. Don’t miss out on this post as we will be disclosing all the bacon girl locations in Find the bacon girls.

Find All The Bacon Girls Locations And Unlock Them

Here is a list of all the bacon girls in Find the bacon girls. Read on to find out about the locations of the bacon girls and the process of unlocking them.

Water bacon girl

Finding the water bacon girl is quite easy. You have to climb up on the lake in Find the bacon girls. Go inside the water to unlock the water bacon girl. It would be great to zoom in on your gaming screen as this will help you to locate the water bacon girl more easily.

Tweety bacon girl

Tweet bacon girl is the one who is seen eating up her favorite treats. She is cute and is heard to miss out. It is sitting right on the podium and you have to jump on the location to unlock this bacon girl. The Tweety bacon girl is right next to the Tweety bear.

Sunburn bacon girl

Sunburn bacon girl loves to lay down under the hot sun. She loves to eat hot chocolate. Grab the milk chocolate and hand it over to the Sunburn bacon girl. She will get unlocked right away.

Sad bacon girl

Sad bacon girl is always sad and doesn’t have anything to cheer up. She is often spotted neat the TV set. Sad bacon girl likes company and the moment you reach there she will respond to you with a wide smile. This is when you can get the chance to unlock her.

Egg bacon girl

Egg bacon girl is located inside the eggs but the hard part is to find the egg. The eggs are located inside the cow house. The cow has laid the eggs inside the small hut. Enter the small cow hut and there you will find the eggs laid by the low. Grab the eggs and your egg bacon girl will be unlocked.

Student Bacon girl

If you are looking for a student bacon girl, then visit the Student bacon high school. Once you enter the building of the school you will be able to meet the student bacon girl.

Dumb bacon girl

Dumb bacon girl is located in room 102 of the bacon girls high school. She is lonely and doesn’t have a lot of friends. Once you enter the room you will spot the dumb bacon girl sitting on the table.

Teacher Bacon girl

Teacher bacon girl is located inside the Bacon high school. She is a competent teacher and teaches the bacon girls. The teacher bacon girl is present inside the bacon high school classroom 101.

Head box bacon girl

There is a lot of mystery around the Head box bacon girl. There is a cave filled with a lot of stones and mazes. Once you enter the cave you will find a mysterious box. The head box bacon girl is present inside the head box bacon girl.

Fisher bacon girl

Fisher bacon girl is found near the water. She is located inside the lake found in the Find the bacon girls. Hop onto the small wooden road and near the tall buildings. The river all over the tall buildings has a lot of fish to hunt. There is where the fisher bacon girl is mostly found.

Bubble bacon girl

Bubble bacon girl loves to eat bubble gums. She can be hard to find because she doesn’t like to spend her time inside the bacon high school. To find her you will have to hop through the small wooden tables and chairs located on the seashore. Bubble gum girls are seen chilling on the small chair and table inside the water.

Baby bacon girl

Baby bacon girl is located inside a huge building. She is laying inside a stroller and is fast asleep. Hop on to her stroller to unlock the baby bacon girl.

Basketball bacon girl

Basketball bacon girls love to play basketball and are found near the basketball court. There is a huge yard where there is a massive basketball court. You might not be able to find her right near the basketball court. Basketball bacon girl is sitting at the back of the ground near the basketball court.

Cloud bacon girl

Cloud bacon girl is located inside the clouds. If you want to unlock the cloud bacon girl, then you should climb up high in the sky. The best way to catch the cloud bacon girl is to hop up the roof of the small houses in the game. This is where she is resting inside the clouds.

Bee bacon girl

Bee bacon girl is located up in the air. She is stuck inside the chimney of the small house. Bee bacon girl loves to spend time with the bees. You will be able to unlock her inside the chimneys.

Corn bacon girl

There is a huge farm where the corn plants are planted. Run towards the corn yard area to unlock the corn bacon girl. She resides inside the cornfields located inside the corn yard area.

Cashier bacon girl

Cashier bacon girls work inside the huge building. She will be spotted sitting right in front of her laptop. Go inside the office building and there you will spot her working at the cashier counter.

Makeup guru bacon girl

Not all bacon girls like to put on makeup but some cannot stay without putting on makeup at all. The makeup guru bacon girl has got the perfect skills for applying all kinds of makeup products. She works at the shopping center where the makeup products are sold.

Rat bacon girl

It can be hard to stop the rats from entering a property. Just like the real world the virtual world of Find the Bacon girls isn’t free of rats. You can locate the rat bacon girls in the isolated areas of the buildings. Climb up the stairs and reach the topmost floor of the building. Rat bacon girl will be found in areas where there isn’t too much crowd.

Sandstormi Bacon Girl

Let’s go to the school and now that you are in the school let’s check out where Sandstormi girl will be. Players can quickly check the bathrooms and you can find this bacon girl right here. Leave out the men’s toilets for now and move ahead to the next location.

Cactus Bacon Girl & Pharat Bacon

Quickly teleport to the main spawn island and move ahead to find the Cactus bacon girl. You can teleport into the winter area and let’s move around to claim the dirt over there. There you will find the Pharat bacon.

Kakashi Girl

You will find a bubble-like thing up next and that is where you will find Kakashi girl. This is also the place where you can find the dragon ball, Adam. It’s about time you collect them in order. The dragon ball baker will lead you to the next locations too. This game has so many areas that you will love to explore of them. There is a bright touch to it and has a lot of secrets to look out for.

Mummy bacon girl & Sand bacon

The player will have to teleport to the sand area. Keep walking towards the pyramid areas and find the mummy bacon. Next up will be the sand bacon and as the name suggests you will find her inside the sand. Near the pyramid, you will find the cactus plant while there will be a boat standing behind. This is exactly where sand bacon girl is found.

Keypad bacon girl

You need to jump into the water and teleport to a new area. There is a secret room and you will have to enter the 3366 code. This is how you can enter the secret room and there all the players can catch up with Keypad bacon girl.

Coconut Bacon girl

While moving in the sand and secret room area you will find it a little challenging to find the coconut bacon girl. In the desert area, you will see many plants and rocks. Now is the time to climb up the coconut tree. This is where you will find the coconut bacon girl.

Camila Cabello Bacon

Right beside the coconut tree, you will catch up with the Camila Cabello bacon girl. She will be standing near the water. Before you think about jumping into the water, it will be easy to find her right there.

Emo Bacon girl

The player will have to run a little into the sand area to find the emo bacon girl. For the time being there can be some hurdles in your way. However, you need to take them away and find your bacon girl right there.

Pyramid Bacon girl & sinking bacon girl

The player will move around and reach the well and right beside it there is a pyramid. You can enter the pyramid and try to find the pyramid bacon girl inside. Fire is lit inside the rooms and right beside it, you will catch up with the pyramid bacon. Some wooden boxes are placed inside the room and behind that, you will get to see a sinking bacon girl.

Pharao Bacon Girl

Inside the pyramid area, you will get in touch with Pharao Bacon girl. The first thing is to move down the ladder and get into a room. Behind one of the wooden boxes, you will find the Pharao bacon.

Principal Bacon Girl

The player will have to rush inside the bacon school. You can move ahead of the classrooms and find the principal room. Just type on the chat ‘knock’ and she will open the door for you.

Ariana Grande Bacon Girl

You will have to stay inside the bacon high school for some more time. Check out the washrooms and teleport into the wall. This is where you will find Ariana Grande’s bacon girl.

Heart Bacon Girl & CKKID bacon girl

The players will have to teleport to neon and enhance their speed a little. As you enter into the neon you will find the heart bacon girl right there. Climb one of the pink ladders and there you go, CKKID bacon girl is standing there. This is the time when you will get a few badges in the game.

Neo Bacon Girl

You can teleport to the island by diving into the water. This is where the neo bacon girl will be. Here you get another badge and it will strengthen your position in the video game.

Homeless and Energized bacon girl

You will have to teleport to the anime area and move around on various blocks. The homeless bacon girl will be stuck right there. Keep moving on the blocks upwards and there you will catch up with the energized bacon girl.

Kylie Jenner and Matrix Bacon Girl

The next step will be to type ‘rise and shine’ on the chat. In this particular area, you will find the Kylie Jenner, bacon girl. Right beside this location, you will also find matrix bacon girl.

Media & Void Bacon Girls

Players will have to teleport to the Disney area. There are plenty of boxes placed in this area. You can check them one by one to find both media and void bacon girls.

Aerobic Bacon girl

You need to go towards the island once again. Keep moving ahead and enter a building. There is a sports room and the aerobic girl will be sitting right there. It’s about time you collect more badges. The more you have it will be easier to find new bacon right away.

Billie Elish Bacon Girl

The next step will be to type ‘who is the bad guy’ on your chat. You will teleport to a new zone and directly catch up with the Billie Elish bacon girl.

Kim Kardashian Girl

Now is the time to head back to the Bacon high school. Find room number 102 and enter inside. Kim Kardashian girl will be sitting right across the desk.

Wrap Up

We have given some of the best tips and tricks to find bacon girls in Roblox. Try out this video game if you haven’t as yet!