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An ideal computer for a student. Buy a ready-made version or assemble it yourself?


Having a computer or a laptop is a basic requirement for students. Especially when doing research, computers play a significant role in making the whole process easy. Besides, advanced technology has made it possible for most activities to take place online. Students can now enroll in online classes, learn, and graduate like any other student. This whole process makes learning a good experience.

Now, the question is, what is an ideal computer for a student to get easily? Does getting a ready-made computer a perfect move, or assembling a personalized computer the right direction? Let’s find out in this guide.

Advantages and disadvantages of assembling your own computer

For a better analysis of the best option when getting an ideal computer for a student, let’s evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of both sides.

Advantages of assembling your computer

Assembling your computer will have you enjoy the following benefits:

  • You will save money because the main focus will be on the features you require, and you don’t need to worry about other computer features that you won’t use.
  • You can personalize your pc to meet your preferences.
  • Assembling your pc will have you learn the basics and components of a computer, thus adding educational value to you.
  • When you assemble your computer, you can leave room for future modifications and improvements to enhance user experience.

Disadvantages of assembling your computer

You can as well be sure to experience the following disadvantages when you assemble your pc

  • It takes time. Therefore, if you need the pc immediately, assembling might not be practical
  • You must have adequate computer knowledge to fix the parts appropriately for effective functioning
  • It’s hard to get a clear plan you need to follow

Advantages and disadvantages of buying a ready-made pc

The advantages:

The following are the top advantages of buying a read-to-use pc

  • It is super easy to use. You simply buy and continue with all you want
  • Cost-effective because companies often give manageable prices and discounts to the users
  • You will enjoy quick delivery

Disadvantages of buying a ready-made computer

Likewise, buying a ready-made pc will have you experiencing the following disadvantages:

  • It is quite hard to troubleshoot an already-built pc when the repairs arise
  • Limited configurations because bulk production of computers
  • Low-quality computers because manufacturers tend to save money while buying computer parts. This reason also justifies the low buying costs.

From the above analysis, a student can choose a ready-made pc or assemble a pc depending on their situation and need. However, in case you opt to buy a ready-made pc, check features such as storage space, your budget, and the needs you need to fulfill using the pc.


So, are you a student looking forward to getting a good pc? Well, the above analysis will give you a good idea of how to approach the whole matter. Whether buying a ready-made pc or assembling one for yourself, it all depends on what you love as a student.