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Analysts Predicted Nintendo Switch Will Be The #1 Console Of 2019

Published recently asked several top games industry analysts, including Dr. Serkan Toto, Michael Pachter, and the NPD Group’s Mat Piscatella for their predictions in 2019. And they came up with Nintendo Switch which might be the #1 console of 2019.

Piers Harding-Rolls of IHS Markit said,

“Switch will be the best selling console in 2019 as PS4 and Xbox One shift into the late stage phase of their sales lifecycles. We may get more details on how Nintendo aims to plug the gap in its portfolio left by the declining 3DS platform. One option is to do nothing and stick with the current Switch strategy. That simplifies the platform strategy but may not be the most commercially efficient.”

And Piscatella’s prediction,

“In console hardware, Switch grows, [and] leads [the] market. I have Switch achieving more than 35 shares of hardware unit sales in the US in 2019, with Pokémon and continued strength of Nintendo’s evergreen franchises driving the performance.”

Not only that, but some of the analysts also predict for the new Switch models will be offered in 2019. Dr. Toto, who famous with his predictions, expects Nintendo to launch both a Switch Pro and Lite this year.

This prediction could be real, as we acknowledged that some titles of great games have been crossover into Nintendo Switch platform. Anyway, we will just have to stay tuned for further information.

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