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Here is How to Find The Huggy’s On Roblox and Unlock All 39 Huggy’s Badges


Do you want to know how to find Huggy’s On Roblox? In this guide, we will help you to find all the brand new bobby-pointed molten Roblox. We will guide you to find the sun and monkey to boyfriend Huggy and the crazy hot diamond Huggy and all the others in the game. Huggy’s in this game can be super tricky to find and we will make things easier for everyone who is looking to unlock the Huggy’s themselves. Here is how to find all the Huggies wuggies in this Roblox game.

Painty Huggy

The first one that you will be looking for in the game will be painty. He is a new one in the game and is pretty easy to find. You can morph into him as he will stand out in the game with all the paint on his face.

Sonic Huggy

The sonic Huggy is a pretty cool one. You will have to teleport to canyon farm in the classic games. You will have to go behind the farm which is right behind the pyramid. In the pyramid, you will spot a ring. Get inside this ring and find the Sonic Huggy there.

Frowny Huggy

The frowny look very much like a cat. It resides in Cleveland. He can be spotted easily as he has got a sad face with teary eyes. You will have to take up the role of a caveman to get to him.

Rainy Huggy

Rainy huggy might not be easy to find in the game. It is seen floating in the virtual world and can be hard to capture. It is among the few characters in the game that have blonde color. He is pretty cute and is made of red and blue color.

Blocky Huggy

The next we have on the list is blocky Huggy. It looks like a kitty remember kitty and you will have to come all the way around to find this huggy. You will have to jump up and down and take off your speed coils. The jumps speed coil has fallen and you might have to jump higher to spot the blocky huggy.

Grassy Huggy

If you want to find the grassy huggy then you will have to slide past the trees. The players will have to run all the way around to spot the grassy huggy. You will have to be prepared to jump to catch the grass huggy. He is made with all grass and can be spotted easily among the trees.

Wuggy Huggy

Wuggy Huggy can be found in the house located in the game. Make sure to climb up the houses carefully as they are made with delicate materials. It can be hard to see from the top of the houses. Stay calm and try not to fall. You can find Wuggy Huggy in the little house that looks a little suspicious. He is stuck inside the little house and you will have to set him free by capturing him.

Birdy Huggy

When you move upwards you come across a ladder. At first, you feel everything is invisible but it may not be the case. The player will notice a blue jay right there and it is called the birdy Huggy. As you get to see this bird you will notice a big egg beneath it.

Gemmy Huggy

The play will have to ski for some time and reach the peak. You may feel like you are dying for a minute but it will surely give an enthralling experience. Once you get up there it will go all the way open. Yes, the game is at its peak now. You will feel like you get knocked off up in the air, and there will find Gemmy. He resembles the guy from calling it suicide polka dot man. That’s cool as you will have to go inside the cave once again.

Cookie Huggy

When the player moves inside the cave and looks for another Huggy that’s going to surprise them. You need to look for a code that comes to you when the cookie monster first appears. The code is 1969 and once you enter this code you get the cookie monster. If you don’t use the code you will feel like you are locked up. However now you know this trick and you can find your cookie Huggy.

Chompy Stompy

If you are good at handling mazes this game has it all. Finding the Huggies can be challenging but if you can handle the maze all is good. The player can keep finding a way into the maze. Many people think it is a palette but it turns out to be a dinosaur.

Widow Huggy

Next up is widow Huggy and if you want to want this Huggy we are going to explain it all. You will notice a spider web and start moving towards it. There will be an invisible ladder and the player will climb on it. Over there you see a green light that will help you move forward. You may take some time to run off towards it but surprisingly you catch up with a Widow Huggy. The little black widow spider has an unusual appeal and you can take some time off to explore it.

Zombie Huggy

It’s about time to reset the game for now. You will come across a cemetery that looks intriguing. Walking on the graves may not seem easy. Your one mistake will turn you into a zombie and that’s scary. Next up is a door and you need to enter it carefully. Just type in the rings and there it goes, the door will open up. You may feel like you are stuck inside and there you get to meet the cool zombies. It’s about time you put your speed runner on move to the next level.

Final Thoughts

If you like to play Find the Huggy’s on Roblox. We have shown you how to unlock the Huggy batches and get the best of everything. Your gaming experience will be fun and thrilling like never before.