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Armored Core 6 – All Core Expansion Explained


In Armored Core 6, there’s a confusing and entirely useless “Expansion” slot in the lower left corner of your screen from the time you take control of your mech. A part of the community is equally enthused about the customizing choices available for their Armored Cores as they are at the prospect of seeing a new spin on the beloved brand. You will learn the names of all the core expansions in Armored Core 6 in this article:

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Pulse Armor

Armored Core 6 - All Core Expansion Explained

The main difference between Pulse Protection and Pulse Armor is that the former protects your AC while the latter does not. This shorter barrier, which lasts for only 10 seconds, will shield the mech from 3,300 points of damage. Activate this Core Expansion to give yourself greater protection in place of a defensive option. Then, assault the attacker and launch your own close-range attacks to even the odds.

Terminal Armor

Armored Core 6 - All Core Expansion Explained

The last option is Terminal Armor, which offers players one more chance to withstand an enemy assault in order to either swiftly terminate the conflict or regain some sense of stability. When your mech’s AP is fully depleted, this Core Expansion will automatically activate, creating a barrier that can withstand up to 20,000 AP damage for a brief two seconds. To eliminate an adversary, you can either take a gamble and go all out, or you can retreat and utilize a repair kit to get AP back. Given that it doesn’t require player input to operate, this is a reliable defensive choice that could save your life.

Assault Armor

Armored Core 6 - All Core Expansion Explained

Players who want to take the fight to their opponents and turn even their defence into offence are the target audience for Assault Armor. A pulse explosion focused on the player’s AC is produced by this Core Expansion. In addition to neutralizing hostile fire, this explosion hurts foes in the area by producing an AoE shockwave. Since most Core Expansions focus on defence, Assault Armor stands out for offering an option for Area of Effect as well. In general, there are definitely better solutions than Assault Armor if survivability is your primary priority. It doesn’t get much better, though, if you’re looking for a Core Expansion that will optimize your DPS.

Pulse Protection

Armored Core 6 - All Core Expansion Explained

In essence, AC6’s version of the bubble shield from Halo is called Pulse Protection. Its large, shielding dome can withstand a great deal of damage, but its disadvantage is that it stays in place when you use it. Naturally, a sluggish, fully armoured AC will take advantage of this and use it to fortify an already robust health bar.


What are expansions in Armored Core 6?

Except for Assault Armor, Armored Core 6 Expansions are limited-use tools based on Pulse technology that are mostly defensive in nature. They never affect the weight or EN output of an AC, in contrast to other parts, therefore if one is available, it should always be supplied.

How do you unlock the human plus Armored Core?

You can experience a number of improvements with Human Plus. You have to fail a task and owe 50,000 credits in order to activate it. The game will restart in a similar fashion, but you will have unlocked Human PLUS and retained any previously acquired parts.

What is the hardest ending in Armored Core 6?

The True Ending of Armored Core VI provides even more background on the events of Rubicon, but it’s also the hardest to obtain. Before you can even choose to watch it, you must finish the game twice and complete a few challenging exclusive objectives.

Is human plus in Armored Core 6?

The putative player character, Unit 621, is a mech’s head attached to a wrapped body, and there are many round lights nearby that look a lot like the lights in the Armored Core 1 Human Plus cutscene.

What do you do after beating Armored Core 6?

This is essentially a re-run of the game; the adversaries aren’t harder the second time, but there are new objectives to complete. You might be disappointed if you were expecting Armored Core 6 to have a special New Game Plus mode.