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Armored Core 6 – How to Get More Parts


In Armoured Core 6, you can’t create a large range of builds without a good selection of Parts, and you need a wide range of builds to overcome the game’s numerous difficulties. Fortunately, obtaining more parts is not too difficult. Armoured Core 6’s mechanic of mech building requires players to be as adaptable as possible when it comes to their load-outs to overcome the game’s most difficult obstacles. You can learn how to obtain more parts in Armoured Core 6 by reading this article:

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What Parts Are There in Armored Core 6?

The goal of components, like with its predecessors, is to provide you as much control over your mech as possible while maintaining balance and avoiding overcomplication. The following components of your mech can be customised in Fires of Rubicon.

  • Head
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Core
  • Generator
  • FCS (guidance system)
  • Boost Thrusters
  • Operating System (grants access to new features like Assault Armour)
  • Left-hand weapon/equipment.
  • Right-hand weapon/equipment
  • Left shoulder weapon/equipment
  • Right shoulder weapon/equipment

You should have a good lot of build diversity by the end of Chapter One, with multiple possibilities available for each of these areas.

How to Get More Parts

Mech parts can be unlocked in a few different ways, the most obvious being the completion of missions. Players will progressively be able to access additional aftermarket weapons, body styles, and mech internals as they go through the Armoured Core 6 campaign. Later on in the game, more difficult sections will become accessible, and sections with a theme will become available once players complete objectives for specific factions, such as Arquebus and Balam.

Armored Core 6 - How to Get More Parts

Loghunts are the next way to get additional parts in Armoured Core 6. When fighting foes in certain missions, players could come across those identified by a Combat Log icon in the lock-on reticule’s upper left corner. Walter advises players to shun the BAWS Tetrapod, the first of these foes, which can be found in the “Destroy the Transport Helicopters” objective. Accumulate sufficient logs to advance through the Hunter Ranks and open up new parts that are exclusive to Loghunts.

Finally, after finishing the tutorial missions, players can obtain additional pieces. These are short introductions to the fundamentals of fighting and the workings of certain mech archetypes and weaponry. They only take a few minutes to finish, and the pieces they provide are all quite useful for specific early-game builds and scenarios. Because tutorial missions are restricted and Loghunts are linked to plot progression, major campaign missions are the players’ greatest option for earning additional pieces.

Armored Core 6 - How to Get More Parts

Those that are forced into a challenging situation will need to make the most of their resources and adjust their tactics accordingly. The Parts Shop is where you must buy any parts that you unlock from missions. On the other hand, the ones that can be put into mechs as soon as they are acquired are free and may be gained through tutorial missions and Loghunt.

How to Get Mech Parts

You can purchase special parts from the parts shop or unlock them by finishing Loghunt bounties to obtain new parts. In the shop, opening new parts is rather simple. All you have to do is keep playing and finishing new objectives to unlock new parts that can be bought eventually. Your quickest and simplest way to make money is to complete tasks. You can purchase whatever parts you want to try out with that money.

Armored Core 6 - How to Get More Parts

In contrast, log huts are a type of reward system that you can access early in Chapter 1; for us, this happened after we finished the game’s “Destroy Artillery” objective. To complete this system, you must beat and obtain combat logs from extremely strong foes you may encounter in various missions. By doing this, you will get experience towards your Hunter Rank, and as you rise in the rankings, you will receive exclusive new equipment to use.


Does Armored Core 6 have hidden parts?

Armoured Core 6 has several floors, and sporadically spaced them out are containers with blinking lights. These are frequently off the usual route, but if you find them, you’ll get a brand-new part to personalise your air conditioner!

How do you unlock all combat logs in Armored Core 6?

Because of the way the Armoured Core 6 game’s New Game (NG) system works, more missions and new Combat Log foes become available with each playthrough. Obtaining every Combat Log in the game takes at least three playthroughs. Decision missions are indicated by an asterisk (*).

What is the reward of battle logs in Armored Core 6?

When you obtain Rank 15 and gather all Combat Logs, ALLMIND will congratulate you and give you a “Elite Hunter” decal for your AC. Congratulations for attaining the LOGHUNT Program’s highest point!

What is the best ending in Armored Core 6?

Another very easy-to-unlock ending is the Liberator of Rubicon one, which many consider the satisfying conclusion. It is achievable on any playthrough.

Should I get the bad ending or good ending first Armored Core 6?

It is strongly advised you obtain the Bad Ending on your initial playtime of the game before obtaining the other endings, even though the player can obtain either the Bad or the Good ending on their first try.