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Armored Core 6: Using the Weapon Bay Guide


With Armored Core 6, From Software has made a successful comeback to the world of mech action games. It is expected that players will spend a significant amount of time in the garage fine-tuning and testing their machine. The encounter will no longer be challenging if players can determine the optimal strategy to defeat the boss. The ability to wear weapons on one’s shoulders is made possible by the Weapon Bay OS Chip, which is one of the earliest chips available. Learn the ins and outs of the Weapon Bay in Armored Core 6 with this guide!

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How to Unlock the Weapon Bay

OS Tuning is the method by which one can gain access to the Weapon Bay. The OST Chips that players have earned via successful battles in the Arena can be cashed in at this location. Because it takes two OST chips to access the Weapon Bay, fans will first need to defeat at least one foe in the Arena. If you buy the Weapon Bay, it will immediately be equipped with all of its contents.

Armored Core 6: Using the Weapon Bay Guide

How to Equip Weapons Using Weapon Bay

To access the Weapon Bay, first select the “Assembly” tab from the main menu. Next, navigate to the Left Shoulder and, while it is selected, use the “Q” or “E” key on your keyboard to move to the next available weapon menu. Because the menu can be a little bit tricky, you need to watch out that you don’t unintentionally scroll over to another mech portion.

Simply press the ‘Q’ or ‘E’ key whenever you want to switch between your primary and secondary shoulder weapons while you’re in the middle of combat. When it is possible to switch between weapons, the small white squares that appear in the red circle at the top of the screen will become visible. Because some of the armw weapons can be quite weighty, you will need to be careful not to exceed the maximum allowable weight for your AC.

Armored Core 6: Using the Weapon Bay Guide

Try out different builds with a variety of different weapons to determine which one works best for you. It goes without saying that you will lose the power of having shoulder rockets or shield generators installed, but this is a fantastic alternative if you are looking to vary your armament with more options for combat at close range.

We did a lot of testing, and through that, we discovered that having dual shotguns as shoulder weapons makes it easier to engage in close-quarters combat in Armored Core 6. For some of the longer-range encounters, having a shield is also a good alternative to have at your disposal. Since usual, make sure to experiment and find out what works best for you, since many of the bosses will require different strategies and loadouts in order to be defeated. Be sure to keep this in mind when playing the game.


How do you use the pulse shield in Armored Core 6?

If you use a Pulse Shield immediately after an enemy strike, you’ll have time to use an Initial Guard, further reducing the damage you’ll take. To time your Initial Guard, keep an eye out for the red box that appears over your targeting system just before an enemy fires.

Can you dual wield melee Armored Core 6?

Nope, but there is a technically viable method for using two melee weapons at the same time without sacrificing efficacy.

How do you destroy the shield in Armored Core 6?

You have no effect whatsoever in breaking physical shields. You can either continue striking them until they stagger with any weapon, though melee is the most effective option, or you can use vertical or split missiles to target their top or sides while they are facing you.

What is the best melee weapon in Armored Core 6?

The Pile Bunker is the most effective melee weapon in the game because of its massive impact damage and its fast charge attack, which may knock down bosses.

How do you get the moonlight sword in Armored Core 6?

Reaching the Coral Convergence is the objective of Mission 34, where you can find the Moonlight Blade. It is safely stashed away inside a chest that is positioned beneath the damaged bridge. There are several mono-wheel MTs standing guard over the chest, and it may be difficult to take them out all at once.