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Dave The Diver: How to Get Tuna


After the Jellyfish Event, the staff at Bancho Sushi will be throwing a Tuna Party, so be sure to bring enough of this sushi staple in Dave the Diver. Catching this large, fast fish is unlocked if you reach a point in Dave the Diver where you are informed of a tuna party event. This piece will explain the tuna-gathering process in Dave the Diver.

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How to Catch Tuna

Cobra will give you a hand in your pursuit of tuna the next time you go diving in the afternoon after hearing about the tuna party event. The first is a sensor trap made of a steel net. These will be available for purchase at regular intervals from the Cobra shop and are essential for catching high-grade tuna. The Salvage Drone is a new piece of equipment added to your iDiver app courtesy of Cobra, and like the other tools, it may be upgraded to make it more useful to you.

When you have these two items, you can catch some tuna. Tuna often congregate in schools near water’s surface. Find a group of them moving quickly, position yourself so that you will be in the path of one of them right as it passes you, and then put up one of your Steel Net Sensor Traps. When the group returns, they will net one of the tuna. To avoid being struck by the remaining tuna when they swim past again, you must quickly swim over and hold down the command button to summon the Salvage Drone to gather the tuna.

You’ll earn around 21 pieces of tuna meat every fish caught because to their large size, which is sufficient to work with to produce thousands of gold each day during the tuna party event. You can catch a lot of monsters throughout the three-day event if you stock up on Steel Net Sensor Traps whenever you see them on sale in Cobra’s shop. You can even improve some of the recipes or look into more tuna dishes for Bancho to prepare if you have a lot of tuna in one day.

You can expect to make even more money from the event thanks to these superior tuna dishes. You now know everything there is to know about the tuna party event in Dave the Diver and how to capture some nice muscular tuna to help you make bank. With the help of your Salvage Drone and Steel Net Sensor Traps, you’ll have plenty of fresh tuna in no time.

Tuna Location and Depth Explained

The Blue Hole’s resident tuna never venture deeper than 50 meters below the surface. The best place to start fishing for Bluefin or Yellowfin Tuna for the party, or just to increase your stock at Bancho Sushi, is around the 10-meter deep mark in Dave the Diver.

Tuna are so fast that you can really hear them swimming when you go fishing for them. Dave has a great opportunity to stock up on sushi ingredients because there are always at least three swimming together and often as many as five. Catching them, however, requires more than just a harpoon.

The disposable Steel Net, available from Cobra, is the best tool for catching Tuna. Put them in the water in the same spot the school of tuna keeps swimming in, and wait for them to get caught. Once they are fastened, you’ll have enough drone power to bring the live tuna to the surface.

In Dave the Diver, when you’ve exhausted your supply of Steel Nets and drones, your only option is to slaughter the fish. When I go fishing for tuna, I bring an updated weapon so I can just shoot and catch as many as possible in a short amount of time. However, if you have the means and the ability to upgrade, tranquilizers will also do the trick.


Can large Net Gun catch tuna Dave the Diver?

Here comes the Steel Net Gun, which can be used repeatedly and has an ammo deposit system. You can expect to catch many tuna. Just make sure you update your salvage drone to be able to execute several extractions of the large fish as well.

What is the best weapon to catch tuna Dave the Diver?

The Net Gun and other non-lethal alternatives have failed. The Hush Dart, which can render a Tuna unconscious, is your only other option. However, you’ll need the upgraded Modified Hush Dart and a streak of two successful shots to do this. Your best bet is the Steel Sensor Trap.

What is the highest DPS weapon in Dave the Diver?

The Red Sniper Rifle is the best option available from a purely statistical standpoint. This monster has the longest range of any weapon at 20 yards and the most rounds per magazine at three. Due to its intended use by a sniper, this weapon is extremely precise, and the inclusion of a laser sight makes aiming a breeze.

Can you tranquilize shark Dave the Diver?

To subdue sharks, players need either the Tranquilizer Rifle or a modified hush dart. In order to use the Duff’s Weapon Shop app on Dave’s smartphone, users must first improve the Rifle and Hush Dart from their rudimentary starting configurations. The Tranquilizer Rifle is the greatest choice because its upgrade is the simplest to create.

What does auto supply do in Dave the Diver?

Instead of counting on how many of a given meal you made earlier in the day, you can use Auto Supply to ensure that you always have enough of the necessary components on hand.