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At IFA 2023, Samsung showcases its 6G, AI, and XR advancements.


Even if many people have not yet reaped the benefits of 5G connectivity, the industry as a whole, as well as Samsung, is already thinking ahead to the next phase in the growth of network technology. At IFA 2023, Samsung presented a keynote speech in which the company reaffirmed its dedication to developing 6G technology and divulged some of its future intentions in this area. In theory, one of the most poised qualities of 6G is that it overcomes some of the faults of the 5G standard. This is one of the most powerful arguments in favour of 6G.

According to Samsung, the 6G network will not only be quicker than the 5G network, but it will also be more robust and reliable, have reduced latency, and increase the number of devices that the network can accommodate per square kilometer. Because of its decreased latency, 6G connectivity will allow for even more exact location monitoring between devices. Additionally, it will make it feasible for remote activities to be carried out virtually instantly at longer distances. At IFA 2023, Samsung reinforced its commitment to “connections that matter” and to developing more advanced solutions for smart homes and device ecosystems.

This was one of the company’s focuses at the event.  Artificial intelligence (AI), which will play a significant part in this, will play a role, and Samsung’s new (or renamed) AI-driven Food app is only a taste of what’s to come in this area. The sixth-generation wireless standard (6G), artificial intelligence (AI), and even mixed reality (XR) are among the emerging technologies that Samsung is excited to explore in the years to come. During IFA 2023, Samsung stated that “with the help of 6G, AI, and XR, augmented reality and mixed reality and artificial intelligence, we will advance greatly in everything from healthcare to entertainment and remote work.

” If you’ve heard this before, it’s probably because one of the primary advantages promoted for 5G networks was the ability to work remotely in various areas, including healthcare and other fields. On the other hand, it is believed that 6G will advance this idea to the next level. To answer the question of when 6G might become a reality, Samsung predicts that the network technology will be available for commercial use before 2030.