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Atlas Fallen – How to Play Coop


With Atlas Fallen’s optional Coop mode, you and a friend can battle creatures and explore a semi-open environment full of endless adventures. Possibly the most anticipated game of the year, Atlas Fallen appears to be challenging based on the trailers. Atlas Fallen allows players to engage on a cooperative adventure early on in the game, following the protagonist’s escape from their first encounter with a Watcher. You will learn how to play coop in Atlas Fallen by reading this article:

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What Is Coop Mode In Atlas Fallen?

Like any other RPG, Atlas Fallen has a cooperative option that lets you explore the game’s open environment with a companion and take down mythical creatures. With the exception of the first ten minutes of introduction, the whole game of Atlas Fallen can be played in synchronization mode.

Atlas Fallen - How to Play Coop

How to Play Coop

Discovering Atlas’s universe entails travelling across vast, desolate wastelands, defeating enormous wraiths, and searching for essence stones and gold. As the game goes on, combat gets harder and harder, with more intricate wraiths to fight that yield more additional opponents. Having a friend around will be really helpful.

Atlas Fallen - How to Play Coop

By enabling the players to cooperate and defeat more formidable wraiths, the co-op feature in Atlas Fallen will provide a great deal additional exploration opportunities. It’s always beneficial to have a friend at your side to even the odds, as enemies can be quite challenging.

It’s simple to enable cooperative mode; the problem might lie in whether or not a player wants to participate. To search for cooperative games, click the menu button to view the available options. Select the “Co-ops” tab on the right-hand menu. After that, start looking for a cooperative companion and wait for them to come into the world.

How to Active Atlas Fallen’s Co-Op

Co-op can be started by simply selecting it from the main menu or even from within the game. It’s also drop-in/drop-out format, so if something comes up and one of you needs to go, the other can continue without any interruptions. However, the answer to whether Atlas Fallen allows local, or “couch,” co-op is, regrettably, no.

Atlas Fallen - How to Play Coop

However, it’s truly as simple as jumping into a friend’s running game or allowing a friend to join yours at any moment for those who prefer online multiplayer. The world is your (shared) oyster once you’re with your co-op partner. This is where Atlas Fallen shines: you may explore with each other, advance the plot together, and even work on different chores while keeping that seamless experience in mind.

Stated differently, one player can converse with NPCs while the other purchases goods or watches cutscenes. In contrast to most online adventure games, the cutscenes in Atlas Fallen even acknowledge the presence of a second player, which adds to the overall immersion. We’d love to see more developers use this clever hat trick.


How does coop work in Atlas Fallen?

All global progress is maintained by the Coop host during the session. For instance, demolished statuary, etc. The guest only advances as a character and their world condition remains unchanged if their progression is greater than that of the host.

Is Atlas Fallen a single player game?

While Atlas Fallen can be played alone, it also offers cooperative story campaign play where you can battle alongside a companion for humanity. By doing this, you’ll be able to climb foes and present a challenge. To combat the perils of the surrounding territories, you’ll need to collaborate well.

What is the best armor in Atlas Fallen?

With the highest defensive rating in the game, the Perennial Mantle is an essential choice for players facing the toughest opponents and ultimate tasks the desert has to offer. Players can equip Damage and Healing Essence Stones, respectively, to boost their Offence and Shatter stats, further enhancing this set.

Is there a map in Atlas Fallen?

The maps included in Atlas Fallen are an assortment of the maps found in each area and place. These maps can be used to guide you through each area and help you comprehend the design and topography of the regions that you can visit in the game. Examine each place to aid in advancement.

How many weapons can you have in Atlas Fallen?

Since there are three primary weapon kinds in Atlas Fallen, the player’s ability to wield up to two of them at once is greatly influenced by the upgrades that may be obtained to enhance or bestow new powers upon each type of weapon. Every weapon will have two ascensions and a set of special battle manoeuvres.