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How to Manage or Become Best Friends on Snapchat


Best Friends on Snapchat are individuals with whom you have the most conversations and share the most snaps. Because they are the contacts that appear at the top of the “Send To” and “Chat” sections, it is much simpler to find the individuals with whom you communicate the most frequently using this feature. You are allowed up to eight best friends, and the list will be modified based on how frequently you engage with each of them. This post will teach you how to become close friends on Snapchat so that you can share photos and videos. So let’s get started:

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How to Manage or Become Best Friends on Snapchat

The following are the procedures that need to be taken in order to increase or decrease the number of your closest friends:

1. To use SnapChat, start up the application.

2. To access your profile, you need only move the cursor to the upper left corner of the screen and click the symbol that appears there.

How to Manage or Become Best Friends on Snapchat

3. To access the “Settings” tab, all you need to do is click on the gear icon located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

How to Manage or Become Best Friends on Snapchat

4. To access the “Manage” button located in the “Additional Services” section, scroll down until you reach the bottom of the page.

How to Manage or Become Best Friends on Snapchat

5. To count your best friends, click the icon that says “# of Best Friends.”

How to Manage or Become Best Friends on Snapchat

6. You have the freedom to choose how many people you think of as being among your dearest companions.


How many snaps does it take to be best friends?

If you have less than eight friends on Snapchat, all of those friends will be displayed as though they are your closest friends. Having said that, you will have to engage in frequent conversation with each of them.

How does Snapchat decide best friends?

The more you talk to a specific individual, the greater your friendship score will become with that individual. Snapchat compiles a list of your best friends by conducting an analysis of these scores and ranking each of the friends you communicate with the most according to how well they know you.

How long do best friends last on Snapchat?

The best friend forever emoji is a heart in yellow. Therefore, if you want to change your yellow hearts into red ones, you need to ensure that your pals stay on your Best pals list for a period of fourteen days. After that, you will be elevated to the level of Super Best Friend if you are able to maintain the red heart for a period of two months.

How many snaps does it take to start a streak?

Your Snapstreaks are a count of how many days in a row you’ve sent a Snap to someone, and that person has sent a Snap back to you in response. In order for it to count, you and your friend must each send and receive at least one Snap within the same 24-hour period. Before you will be able to tell that anything has changed, you will need to make sure that your Streak has survived for at least three days.

What happens after a 100 day snap streak?

In place of the fire emoji that would normally appear next to the name of a buddy, you will see the 100 emoji if you have been able to keep your Snapstreak going for a hundred days straight. On day 101, the app will revert to displaying the flame emoji once again.

Who has highest streak on Snapchat?

Hannah and Lauren Luckey presently hold the record for the longest Snapchat streak in the globe. They have been able to keep their streak going since April 6, 2015, which is the day that the feature was originally available on Snapchat. As of the month of December 2022, their winning streak has an impressive figure of 2794 or more.