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Atomic Heart – Large Mutant Boss Fight Walkthrough


The second monster you’ll encounter in Atomic Heart is the Large Mutant monster. Compared to the organic enemies you will also face in the game, this creature, a mid-level boss, is a huge step up. The regular opponents that players face throughout the game are not like this specific boss. It takes a calculated move to kill him, and players will need to muster the strength to weaken his powerful health bars in order to overcome the obstacle finally. This post will walk you through the Atomic Heart’s Large Mutant Boss Fight Walkthrough:

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How to Deal With Regular Enemies First

Continue dodging the big mutant’s blows while eliminating the other adversaries first. Players can defeat the sprout spitters on the wall and the far side of the room with the help of the useful Electro pistol. This will reduce the number of sprouts that fly around.

Atomic Heart - Large Mutant Boss Fight Walkthrough

Next, keep your distance from the huge mutant and take out regular mutants. Rather from cornering themselves and giving the mutant an easy way to attack, players should constantly moving around.

How to Beat Large Mutant Boss

The big mutant boss first appears in the Vavilov Complex’s cramped hallway. Though it may transform corpses into mutants and deal significant damage to players, the massive mutant boss is not the most difficult opponent to take down.

Atomic Heart - Large Mutant Boss Fight Walkthrough

This is because of his stature, which makes him awkward and makes it simple for players to avoid him. The difficult part of the battle is that there are a lot of additional foes that keep popping up.

How to Target His Weakness

The big mutant can take a lot of damage from a well-timed shot to his colorful tumors on his back. A shotgun is the most effective weapon to take aim at his vulnerability, and it can be even more potent when combined with the cartridge.

Atomic Heart - Large Mutant Boss Fight Walkthrough

Large Mutant Boss Location

The tunnel that leads to the lab sections is where you will come across the Large Mutant. To finish the quest “In the Overgrown Park,” you must collect the Cannister from both the Cold Workshop and the Pesticide Workshop there. You can obtain the chilly workshop canister by resolving the Control Room Laser Puzzle.

In the same way, you can solve the train tracks puzzle to get the pesticide workshop container. After completing the objectives, there will be a lockdown and a horde of mutants, including the Large Mutant Boss, will attack you.


What is the hardest boss fight in Atomic Heart?

P-3’s first mission introduces her to Sechenov’s “ballerina” twins, the game’s last and most formidable foes. Though their skills differ significantly, both are incredibly nimble and will be challenging to strike with small-arms weapons.

Does Atomic Heart have 3 endings?

The game Atomic Heart has two possible endings, both of which can be chosen explicitly by the player before to the game’s last boss.

What is the weak ending in Atomic Heart?

Agent P-3 has the option to leave if he feels he has had enough. He can move to the Caribbean, forget about his wife, forgive himself for every person he has killed, and dismiss all he has done up to this point.

What happened to Granny Zina in Atomic Heart?

Additionally, when Granny Zina informs you that “you scattered her to the four winds” She went by your hands, just like Molotov did. She’s not dead yet. Simply return to the lighthouse and descend the cylinder shaft.

Is the MP good in Atomic Heart?

A lethal weapon that many players choose over shotguns because of its superior damage and fire rate is the Makarov Pistol, or MP. Even without the update, MP has fantastic features that make it an essential tool for any player’s collection.