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Atomic Heart – How to Destroy Hive


Even though Atomic Heart appears easy at first, the difficulty level increases when you eventually leave the Vavilov Complex and reach the game’s open world. In Atomic Heart, you must finish Side Quests to activate the Overload Relay Feature in order to destroy Hives. Go to the closest Volan location and activate the Hawk Security System. You can learn how to eliminate the swarm in the atomic heart by reading this article:

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Can You Destroy The Hives?

You can eliminate and destroy the hives in Atomic Heart. You can point at several targets with mass telekinesis, and those targets will cause a great number of damage to the hives. You won’t have to grit your teeth to get rid of the hives after that. You just need to shoot the hives once to for them to start chasing you if you’re worried about them fixing cameras or robots in the middle of combat.

Atomic Heart - How to Destroy Hive

In addition to upgrading your Shok so that it can level many targets at once, another piece of advice is to turn off the cameras. You will come across numerous cameras and robots throughout the game, therefore in order to defeat them, you will need to be well-versed in surveillance techniques.

How to Destroy Hives

It’s simple to destroy Pchela hives. All you need to do is utilize shock and electro to avoid wasting any ammunition. However, there is a method to lessen Pchela hives’ attention to your position and stop them from fixing dandelion cameras. And that is by addressing the underlying causes of your issues. The actual Dandelion camera.

If you are unable to locate it, go to the Volan, which are nearby floating balloons. When the scanner is turned on, the wiring running to the Volan will appear as a white trail. The Hawk Security System, which has a Relay Overload Function, is located in the Volan. You have to finish a few sidequests before you can eventually unlock it.

Atomic Heart - How to Destroy Hive

You can now explore a portion of the Open World that the Hawk Security System and the Volan run. The Dandelion Cameras will be turned off. If you encounter adversaries and take them out, it indicates that no more hives are focusing on you. However, since Dandelion Cameras will be unavailable (at least temporarily), you won’t be encountering waves of opponents very soon.


How do you stop enemies Respawning in atomic heart?

Disabling cameras and killing repair drones is the greatest approach to stop opponents from resurfacing.

Does Atomic Heart have 3 endings?

The game Atomic Heart has two possible endings, both of which can be chosen explicitly by the player before to the game’s last boss.

Can you do both endings in Atomic Heart?

There are several possible outcomes in Atomic Heart, but by the time Agent P-3 realizes how bad things have gotten, he doesn’t have many choices left. Players are presented with a decision toward the end of the story that will influence whether they receive the Good Ending or the Weak Ending.

How many missions are there in Atomic Heart?

Atomic Heart has enough gameplay to keep players pleased, interested, and fully immersed in the alternate USSR scenario, where Russian technology and robotics expertise have surpassed those of the rest of the globe. It features over 40 missions with side material of varied lengths.

Are there any secrets in Atomic Heart?

You can explore a number of secret labs that have been abandoned in Atomic Heart. These labs hold Easter eggs and secret information that sheds light on the game’s lore and plot. You might want to spend a little more time in these regions if you enjoy exploring, as some of these secrets might be hard to locate.

Who is the real bad guy in Atomic Heart?

There are spoilers for Atomic Heart’s major plot in this page. The main antagonist and deuteragonist of Atomic Heart is CHAR-les, also spelled Charles.