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One Piece Odyssey – How to Build Bridges


Throughout the game, there are a lot of One Piece Odyssey broken bridges that need to be fixed. To do so, a prompt will appear stating that you need Franky on your squad. Bridges appear so basic and strong, but they are surprisingly difficult to construct. They must be well-balanced, well-built, well-sanded, and made from similarly durable components. You will learn how to build bridges in one piece odyssey by reading this article:

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How to Get Materials for Bridges

But even Franky, the constructor, is not magical. He needs the right supplies in order to build a bridge. When you come to a possible bridge location, Franky will give you a long list of the supplies he requires. You will probably have gathered a respectable assortment of miscellaneous objects by the time Franky initially joins, but some of these items won’t show up until after Franky joins.

The foundation of bridges is made up of bolts, most especially carbon and steel bolts. Only certain treasure chests include these uncommon rubbish objects. As soon as Franky joins your group, start saving any Bolts you come across.

One Piece Odyssey - How to Build Bridges

Make a note of any locations where you may construct bridges, and then, if you have some bolts, go back there and construct the path forward. Franky’s assistance and the appropriate rubbish can let you fill in a lot of gaps and obtain some amazing rewards. But in all honesty, a well-made bridge is its own reward.

How to Build Bridges

Upon exploring Waford and Memoria, you may probably come across numerous remnants of collapsed bridges and natural openings. Usually, you can see wonderful things like chests through these gaps, but sadly, none of the Straw Hats are able to fly. Or rather, Sanji can, but not at this time. Someone will be needed to put up a bridge so that you can span these gaps. Fortunately, we have the best shipwright in the world working for us.

Once you accomplish the Water Seven arc and take down Rob Lucci, Franky will return to the group and complete the repairs on Waford’s coasts for the Thousand Sunny. Once Franky is on your side, you can begin bridging the gaps since he has experience creating stunning bridges seemingly out of thin air.

When Can You Fix Broken Bridges with Franky?

Once Franky joins the group in Chapter 5, you can rebuild destroyed bridges in One Piece Odyssey, but only if you have the necessary supplies. Franky will automatically join as you progress through the story, but not until you have finished Memoria’s Water Seven arc.

One Piece Odyssey - How to Build Bridges

It will therefore take some time before you can fix the broken bridges that you see beyond Adio’s Hut in Chapter 1 and the bridge that leads to the three treasure chests in Chapter 2 (screenshot above). Not only that, but in order to fix a bridge in the first place, you need to have enough bolts and rubbish.

This specifically refers to accumulating the various objects you can discover strewn around the game, such as Steel Bolt, Carbon Bolt, and Junk. However, by Chapter 5, you’ll likely have a lot of junk and not many Steel or Carbon Bolts because, at least in my playthrough, those don’t spawn until after Chapter 5.


Is One Piece Odyssey turn-based?

Early on, One Piece Odyssey—the first turn-based role-playing game in the legendary franchise—has been a bit of a mixed bag. The way the charming Straw Hat group is portrayed in the game is fantastic, but the “fully blown RPG” aspects of the game are a little tedious to play.

Is Gear 4 in One Piece Odyssey?

Luffy will use Gear 4 in One Piece Odyssey’s Chapter Eight: Kingdom in Conflict: Battle of Dressrosa. Consequently, in order to get to the part of the narrative where Luffy and his Straw Hat crew battle Donflamingo, players must finish Chapters One through Seven.

Is there Haki in One Piece of Odyssey?

In the game, players can utilize many kinds of Haki to locate hidden objects and other things, but Luffy’s usage of Conqueror’s Haki in combat is quite lethal. It just destroys opponents that are far weaker than Luffy due to the incredible amount of damage it deals.

Can you get outfits in One Piece Odyssey?

Although each character’s page in the pause menu has an Outfits section, you are unable to alter any character’s appearance using that menu item. You’ll have to hold out until you come across a tavern or camp instead. The Straw Hats will rest, prepare food and Trick Balls, and host gatherings in their camps in order to temporarily improve their fighting abilities.

Is Franky in One Piece Odyssey?

You will regrettably need to play a lot without them. Chapter 5 unlocks Franky, while Chapter 7 brings Brook back to the group. According to the thread’s originator, this post addresses the first query.