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Azur Lane Tier List: Everything You Need to Know


Azur Lane Tier List

The Azur Lane Tier List beneath is made by local area casting a ballot and is the total normal rankings from 211 submitted tier lists. All together for your positioning to be incorporated, you should be signed in and distribute the list to the website (not just downloading the tier list picture).

Our Azur Lane Tier List positions the best ultra and very uncommon boats while likewise giving guidelines on the best way to reroll on the off chance that you get a few characters that you’re not content with. We will add boats of a lower extraordinariness sometime in the not too distant future, as they can likewise be suitable decisions on the off chance that you’re battling to move for something stunning.

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How Battles Work In Azur Lane

In Azur Lane Tier List, you position your boats in two columns: the first line (Vanguard) and the back line. There are 3 openings for every one of these columns, so you need to plan which boats you’ll bring and how you’ll put them for the approaching experience.

When the positions are done, the guide begins looking over and foes will show up before the player’s armada. The player should explore their boats to annihilate foes and deterrents while relieving harm on their side. The objective of each experience is to arrive at the supervisor toward the finish of the level.

Since you have an outline of how fights work in Azur Lane Tier List, you likely have a more clear thought of how you’ll structure your game. Right away, how about we jump into the tier list.

Tier List and Ratings Explained

Tier lists assist players with understanding which characters are overwhelmed, adjusted, underpowered, or simply generally not viable with end game substance. They additionally help comprehend what characters you ought to would like to gather and what characters can for the most part be disposed of after early ongoing interaction.

Tier lists work by rating characters in gatherings of S-F. S is for characters who are better than different characters in the game and are effectively fit for beating end game substance with the right designs.

These boat young ladies likewise end up being the most flexible and can adjust effectively to different circumstances. An is for characters that are incredible and function admirably however don’t face S characters.

Nonetheless, they will beat endgame content nevertheless. Warframe Tier List is for characters that are utilized by a great deal of players and can undoubtedly be gathered in the game. While not the most remarkable boats they are equipped for clearing endgame content and overwhelming the game when utilized accurately.

Azur Lane Tier List – Simple

Azur Lane Tier List

Destroyers (DD)


  • Tier 0: Yukikaze
  • Tier 1: z23, Laffey, Downes Kai, Cassin Kai, Javelin
  • Tier 2: Ayanami, Cygnet Kai, Fortune, eldridge, z46, Downes, Cassin
  • Tier 3: n/a


  • Tier 0: Yukikaze
  • Tier 1: Laffey, z23, Ayanami
  • Tier 2: eldridge, Javelin, Fortune Kai
  • Tier 3: Cygnet Kai

Light Cruisers (CL)


  • Tier 0: Phoenix
  • Tier 1: Sandy Kai, Jintsuu, Cleveland, Other Cleves, Neptune, Montpelier, Edinburgh, Helena
  • Tier 2: Belfast, Leander Kai, St. Louis, Newcastle Kai, Belchan
  • Tier 3: Chinese Sisters, Sirius, Curlew, Curacoa, Sandy, Avrora


  • Tier 0: Jintsuu, Sandy Kai, Helena
  • Tier 1: Montpelier, Cleveland, Aurora, Belfast, Chinese Sisters, Newcastle Kai, Sirius
  • Tier 2: Neptune, Leander Kai, Avrora, Edinburgh
  • Tier 3: n/a

Heavy Cruisers (CA)


  • Tier 0: Portland Kai
  • Tier 1: Minneapolis, Mogami, Louis
  • Tier 2: Roon, Prinz Eugen, Wichita
  • Tier 3: Suffolk Kai, Ibuki


  • Tier 0: Portland Kai
  • Tier 1: Louis, Minneapolis
  • Tier 2: Wichita, Roon, Prinz Eugen, Mogami, Ibuki
  • Tier 3: Suffolk Kai

Aircraft Carriers (CV/L)


  • Tier 0: Duke of York, Monarch
  • Tier 1: Amagi, Washington, Hyuuga Kai, Hood, Hyuuga, Tirpitz, Nagato, Pennsylvania, Yamashiro HK, Fusou HK, Kaga BB, North Carolina
  • Tier 2: Rodney, Nelson, South Dakota, Jean Bart, Oklahoma, Nevada, Mutsu, Colorados
  • Tier 3: Arizona, Kirishima, Dunkerque


  • Tier 0: Duke of York, Nagato
  • Tier 1: Monarch, Hood, Amagi, Tirpitz, North Carolina, Warspite Kai, Hyuuga, Queen Elizabeth, Washington, South Dakota, Jean Bart
  • Tier 2: Izumo, Warspite, Yamashiro HK, Fusou HK, Prince of Wales
  • Tier 3: n/a

Aircraft Carriers (CV/L)


  • Tier 0: n/a
  • Tier 1: Enterprise, Yorktown, Centaur, Saratoga, Zeppy, Essex
  • Tier 2: Ranger, Bunny Kais, Taiho, Ark Royal, Akaga
  • Tier 3: Shouhou, SKKZKK, Ryuujou, Fumiruiru, Unicorn, Illustrious


  • Tier 0: Enterprise
  • Tier 1: Centaur, Bunny Kais, Essex, Illustrious, Akaga, Saratoga, Ark Royal
  • Tier 2: Shouhou, SKKZKK, Unicorn
  • Tier 3: n/a



  • Tier 0: Shouhou, Unicorn
  • Tier 1: Akashi, Vestal
  • Tier 2: Arizona
  • Tier 3: Fumiruiru

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