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Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Recruit Minsc


In Baldur’s Gate 3, Minsc reappears, but finding him will take some work and effort from your group in Act 3. In Baldur’s Gate 3, players can choose from various potential party members, including Minsc, who they may be familiar with from earlier games in the series. Although Minsc and his hamster, Boo, have the potential to be an invaluable asset to the team, bringing him on board will sadly take some effort. You may learn how to recruit minsc in Baldur’s Gate 3 by reading this article:

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Where to Find Minsc

Minsc is located in the main vault room of the Counting House in Baldur’s Gate 3, if Jaheira is accompanying you. The Counting House is situated far to the south of the Lower City Central Wall gate. The home in the south is difficult to overlook since it stands alone, surrounded by two golden guards, and is only connected to the land by a broad bridge.

Accessing the initial part of the Counting House is simple, but to locate Minsc, you must first make your way to the main vault. We advise you to speak with the head clerk and persuade him to grant you a temporary pass. There’s always the possibility to descend into vaults using immediate violence. It’s not required, though, and the pass is much simpler.

Baldur's Gate 3 - How to Recruit Minsc

After grabbing your pass, continue descending until you come to a vault that requires a code. This will take you to the even lower main vault, where there happens to be a deal with Glitterbeard. Break apart the deal, and Minsc will emerge for a complete reveal inside the imitation chest. But it won’t be the last time you locate him; you’ll have to do it again. Once he confronts some Bhaal cultists, you can follow the clues around the Counting House main vault to find that he’s fled the City Sewers.

How to Prepare to Get Minsc in Act 2

Players must ensure Jaheira survives in Moonrise Towers to obtain Minsc, and they must then extend an invitation to her to stay in their camp. Although it has been possible for some players to recruit Minsc without her, doing so causes some dialogue issues that may have been resolved in updates. To guarantee that her quest chain will be accessible, it is best to ensure the elderly druid survives.

Baldur's Gate 3 - How to Recruit Minsc

Making sure Shadowheart decides not to kill the Nightsong—which would mean the death of Jaheira and everyone at the Last Light Inn—is the most incredible way to guarantee that Jaheira survives until Act 3. After that, gamers will want to keep her safe during the battle at Moonrise Towers as a rare fifth member who can join the player’s party. A cutscene and dialogue with Jaheira will start automatically when you enter Moonrise.

  • “This is it, the spearhead moment,” she will inquire. Now that we’ve come this far, what should we do next? Select the second choice, “You’re the High Harper,” or the first response, “We move in and secure the ground floor first-cut off all exits.” You inform me.
  • React to Jaheira’s “Say the word, and we’re off” by saying, “Jaheira, I’d actually rather have you join my party.”
  • She will then add, “You’re already spoken for.” You can answer with the first or second response.
  • Jaheira will become a general Circle of the Moon druid at the same level as the group. Keeping her alive will be much simpler if the player controls where she goes and what she does. She will accompany players to the second floor, facing Ketheric Thorm.
  • Following his initial defeat by players, Thorm will descend into the mind-flayer colony. Go outside, descend into the colony, speak with Jaheira, and instruct her to join the celebration immediately or wait in the camp. She can now be employed as a friend in the player party and is resurrected just like the other companions in BG3.

How to Recruit Minsc

You must first battle Minsc in the City Sewers to recruit him. It might be a challenging battle, so make sure your non-lethal attacks are activated. Minsc will not join your party if you kill him in battle and you will not be able to bring him back to life. Actually, if you murder Minsc, you might lose one of your party members as well because Jaheira won’t be thrilled about it and will probably quit.

Baldur's Gate 3 - How to Recruit Minsc

Before you have the chance to recruit Minsc, you must eliminate all of the Bhaal cultists. After then, a cutscene will begin in which you must persuade the Emperor to spare Minsc. If you can pull it off, rush around the sewers and follow Minsc as he breaks down walls. After he calms down a bit, you can meet his fierce companion Boo and ask them to travel with you.


How do you keep Minsc alive in BG3?

Your last blow must be a non-lethal attack that renders Minsc incapacitated. Toggle Non-Lethal Attacks under the Passives tab in your action bar to accomplish this. You can only do this when making unarmed attacks or wielding a melee weapon. Minsc cannot be eliminated by standard spells or assaults.

Should you recruit Minsc BG3?

Boo and Minsc make a formidable duo. Rangers have their own benefits that they can bring to a party if you don’t already have one, even though you get them quite late in the game. When you recruit Minsc, he is already level 12, which makes him a powerful character.

Can you romance Minsc in BG3?

Minsc is not a romanceable option in BG3, despite earlier claims that all companions would be amenable to romance. This makes sense because the character in question is a well-known piece of lore. You can still receive praise and criticism, just like you would from any other party member.

Can you romance jaheira BG3?

Jaheira is not a romanceable option in BG3, despite earlier claims that all companions would be amenable to romance. This makes sense because the character in question is a well-known piece of lore.

Do companions get jealous in BG3?

Nevertheless, friends can get envious. For instance, it won’t help you to flirt with Shadowheart when Lae’zel is nearby! Although your character’s race and social class will influence how some of your friends view you, it does not limit who you can or cannot fall in love with.