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Cocoon – All Bosses Guide


In the fantastic puzzle game Cocoon, players can explore a variety of worlds, each with its own distinct style. As the player delves further into one of these realms, they will encounter problem after conundrum. Players will unlock new skills at different stages of the game, which will enable them to explore the hub world more. You will learn about all the bosses ranked in cocoons in this article:

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Laser Space Boss

This fight, which has you charging up energy blasts that you need to smash jewels with, is undoubtedly the most visually striking boss. Since these diamonds are moving, you should aim where they will be rather than where they are right now. The boss gets charged with a red ball as this comes to a head. The player should only spend the first phase getting acquainted with these mechanics; the second phase is where things get more difficult.  Diamonds will now jerk about instead of just rotating around the player, making them considerably more difficult to hit.

Cocoon - All Bosses Guide

The player is kept afloat by a number of rings, but every time they miss a shot or take too long, they go closer to dropping back to the ground.  The player will have to restart the phase if they fall. But rings are restored when diamonds are hit properly. The player will be obstructed from making shots by a rotating spiral column. The player must continually increase the speed at which they bounce the second red ball back and forth between the boss once it is deflected towards them.

Ultimately, hitting the diamonds will become much more difficult due to the increased frequency of spiral columns. They will be defeated following one last round of ricocheting matches between this boss. Because there is always a chance of making a huge mistake or taking too long, this supervisor instills a constant sense of urgency.

Balloon Pod Boss

On hexagon pairs, this right occurs. Before the boss battle begins, a shining purple light will appear, allowing the player to switch places. This contributes to the fight’s increased sense of puzzlery. A sapling will appear as players trade places with the bright light. In order to wake up the boss, players must rush into the saplings and cause them to contact the center. When the boss awakens, it will arm itself and start to whirl around the hexagons.

Cocoon - All Bosses Guide

The battle is always more urgent because players are slower than this boss and must switch positions to be safe. The boss takes hexagons with it as it teleports, which limits the player’s options for movement. Hitting saplings will be necessary for players to break through the boss’s armor. When the saplings and the boss collide after the armor is destroyed, the boss will take damage. The boss will eventually cover itself with a resilient layer that deflects shots. Players will be continually prevented from dealing damage by it, however while these shields are down, a sapling will appear.

Crystal Moth Boss

Though not as difficult as the ones that came after, this boss is nonetheless not to be taken lightly. The player can make this boss much simpler by making regular perpendicular movements to its flying pathways. Because the player can move as much as possible to dodge the boss’s crystals, the player will never be harmed by them. Something moving beneath the earth will cause cracks, and a spherical resembling a pill insect will eventually pop out. When this occurs, the player must pick this up and use the action button to explode it close to the boss.

Cocoon - All Bosses Guide

The player can easily eliminate all of the smaller monsters that this boss sends to encircle them at once by pressing the action button. The boss will eventually position itself in the center of the arena and create four rows of crystal pathways that branch out from it. The crystals will then start to move as it rotates. The objective for the player is to collect up the pill-bug explosives that come up while avoiding these crystals. It will float above the ground after it pops up. Once you’ve used this last pill-bug bomb, you’ll have finished off the boss.

Tripod Boss

The floor of this arena is speckled with color. Players get an acceleration boost when they touch them, and they can dash to shoot rapidly between splotches. Players will have to stand on a patch of ground with an orange light pulsating inside of it and quickly get away from the adversary. Players can dash into the orange pod that appears on the boss’s leg to deliver damage as a result.

Cocoon - All Bosses Guide

Players must run through the shockwaves this boss creates when it slams the ground in order to safely escape. The boss will accelerate significantly after losing a leg. It will jump after the player like a pogo stick after it is reduced to one leg. This boss is the easiest by far.


What is the plot of cocoon game?

A third-person puzzle video game is called Cocoon. A tiny insectoid creature that the player controls must make its way through several barren realms. Shortly after finding a weird orb, the player awakens in a desolate wasteland.

Is cocoon a hard game?

Quite entertaining, simple physics, certain problems require trial and error, but most of the time you can figure it out by yourself. Boss fights are tough, but not overly so. The game’s overall graphics and art style were both appealing to me.

Does cocoon game have a story?

It’s similar to Inception, only with a ton of orbs and bug-people. Now, the plot gets even more difficult conceptually than the riddles themselves. The majority of the game’s explanations are left up to the player’s imagination or their ability to piece together information.