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Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Recruit Minthara


A story of betrayal and friendship, survival and sacrifice, and the allure of absolute power is shaped by the player’s decisions in the action-packed, narrative-rich role-playing game Baldur’s Gate 3. Interesting new features have been made to Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 5, the most recent patch for the game. However, there are a few specific actions that you must follow to the letter in order to recruit Minthara. You may learn how to recruit Minthara at Baldur’s Gate 3 by reading this article:

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How to Recruit Minthara

If Minthara was knocked out in Act 1, she would reemerge in Moonrise Towers in Act 2, according to Larian’s patch notes. You must first use your party’s non-lethal attacks on her in order to knock her out. On your hotbar, under the Passives tab, you can toggle on this option. But community testing has also uncovered a couple more prerequisites that you must meet:

  • Rather than being antagonistic all the time, Minthara must be unfriendly sometimes. Commit a felony in front of her to incite a fight in order to bring about this situation.
  • It’s necessary to take Minthara out at the Goblin Camp. It won’t work to betray her and knock her out during the Grove Raid because she would become enmity forever.
  • When you eliminate Minthara, Dror Ragzlin, another commander of the Goblin Camp, needs to be alive and in a non-hostile state. Ragzlin will warn the entire Goblin Camp if he is fought, rendering them enmity for life.

Baldur's Gate 3 - How to Recruit Minthara

After you’ve completely defeated Minthara, you can carry on normally and enter Act 2. When you first enter Moonrise Towers, a cutscene where Minthara is tried and imprisoned by Ketheric Thorm will play. Doing so lets you begin Decide Minthara’s Fate, a side mission that lets you free her from Moonrise Towers Prison. After that, she can be approached and persuaded to join the party.

Enter the Gauntlet of Shar at Baldur’s Gate 3 and make careful to save Wulbren and Minthara as well as the tieflings. A point of no return in the Gauntlet prevents you from completing several side missions and could potentially kill any inmates imprisoned in Moonrise Towers.

Knocking Out Minthara

You must use non-lethal attacks to completely deplete Minthara’s HP and recruit her using this method. To activate non-lethal attacks, click the Passives button on your hotbar and then select the ‘Non-Lethal Attack’ symbol. The icon next to the portrait lets you know whether members of your party have enabled non-lethal attacks.

Baldur's Gate 3 - How to Recruit Minthara

after this option is enabled, after you use a melee attack to bring an enemy’s health down to zero, they enter the knocked-out state, essentially unconsciousness. Only melee attacks are compatible with magic; non-lethal attacks are not. If Minthara’s health drops to zero, using magic to inflict damage on her will cause her to die instantly.

Baldur's Gate 3 - How to Recruit Minthara

The best course of action is to force all of your characters to equip melee weapons and use Non-Lethal attack in order to defeat Minthara. Alternately, limit the buffing and healing spells your spellcasters can cast on allies. If done correctly, she will be sent unconscious rather than killed, fulfilling Zevlor’s linked mission while preserving her life.

Baldur's Gate 3 - How to Recruit Minthara

Once you go to Act 2, Moonrise Towers, in the game, you should locate her in the main room. According to some tales, in order to temporarily enrage her before knocking her unconscious, players must take something directly in front of her. This approach does function, but as of Patch 5, it only adds unnecessary steps.


When can I recruit Minthara?

When you finally make it to Act II and everyone is spared, Minthara is being evaluated by General Ketheric Thorm in Moonrise Towers, which is where you may find her and recruit her. When she’s rescued, she’ll be hanging out at camp with Halsin.

Can you get Minthara without siding with the goblins?

To recruit Minthara, all you have to do is avoid killing her; you don’t even need to support her. The only way Wyll and Karlach are lost is if you take the grove by force. If you choose not to engage in the Grove vs. Goblins quest, all three of them will join your group. Unlike Shadow and ‘Zel, they are not even hostile against one another.

How to sleep with Minthara?

Locate her close to the middle of the camp and strike up a discussion. She’ll ask you right away whether you’re ready. She will offer to go to bed with you once you tell her you are hers. When you interact with a bedroll, you can choose to go to bed with Minthara or by yourself.

What happens if you romance Minthara?

Aside from being immoral—you are effectively committing genocide against the tieflings and the druids of Emerald Grove—romanticizing Minthara has serious ramifications for your quest. Gale and Shadowheart will not approve if you side with Minthara.

Should I side with Minthara BG3?

She’s a buddy that’s easy to miss, but as one of the three leaders of the goblins in Baldur’s Gate, eliminating her will undoubtedly save the Emerald Grove. That alone could sway you to go with her instead, particularly if you’re a BG3 Dark Urge origin player.