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Here is How to Turn Down Notification Volume on iphone 12, 13 Pro and Pro Max


Looking for ways to turn down the notification sound on your iPhone 12 series (pro, Pro Max) and iPhone 13 series (pro, Pro Max). We have the solution for you to turn off the notification volume in iPhone for all apps. The process is very simple just follow it properly and ready the article thoroughly make sure you do not skip anything.

Here are the steps to follow to turn down the notification volume

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone and tap on “Notifications”
  2. Then tap on the app in question and scroll down to Sounds,  now simply swipe to OFF.
  3. This is the Process you need to repeat for all other apps in your phone’s Notification Center preferences.

These are the quick and easy ways to adjust the notification options for your chosen apps in any iPhone.

Pretty much every iOS application needs to send warnings and alarms to your iPhone or iPad. Twitter, Skype, Game Center, Instagram, every one of these are incredible administrations that make them thing in like manner: their warning sounds can be irritating, and show up in immense explodes.

Here are some other details to know more about Turning Down Notification Volume

Rather than quieting an iPhone or iPad continually, you can specifically quietness warnings on a for every application premise inside iOS Settings. However not all Apple default applications give the choice, but rather most outsider applications do, and this is the way to quietness them.

Obviously, you can likewise totally wind down warnings for an application as well, which quiets the sounds and ready exchanges as well.

I favor specifically hushing Notifications to crippling them totally, since they can be really helpful it incidentally turns out to be uncommon that you need to know somebody @mentioned you at 3AM. Obviously you can generally quiet your gadget as well.

Overseeing Notifications and Alerts is worked on significantly in the fresher variants iOS, with the expansion of a “Don’t Disturb” choice and evening hushing. In any case, a large number of us actually prefer to go and physically handicap a portion of the additional irritating cautions and notices from applications we basically don’t want to get alarms from.

Using do not disturb option

You can also use Do not Disturb option to mute all the notification as given below to mute all the notifications.


You can additionally calibrate who can overcome when Do Not Disturbed is turned on, by tapping Allow Calls From. Naturally, everybody will get past, however you can limit that to top choices, select gatherings from your contacts or square everybody totally. Turning on the Repeated Calls button will let calls from a similar individual overcome on the off chance that they get back to inside 3 minutes of their first endeavor to contact you. This is the iOS method of abrogating Do Not Disturb in case of a crisis.

Your iPhone additionally has a Do Not Disturb While Driving element that quiets notices and calls when you’re in a moving vehicle or associated with your vehicle’s Bluetooth. You’re ready to enact that physically from the Settings application or from the Control Center screen. You additionally use settings to have the element turn on naturally, adequately quieting warnings on your iPhone when you’re driving.