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7 Best Digital Signage Companies In Singapore


The use of digital signage is becoming an increasingly common practise in the digital world. It is not difficult to see the reason behind this. You are not limited to just broadcasting messages on your displays when you employ digital signage; it has a wider range of applications.

You may also use it to link individuals to the things that they like, such as movies, music, or video games. This is another purpose for it. The potential of your client’s company may be unlocked by providing them with memorable digital experiences. They assist you make your customers feel like special guests and encourage them to return to your business on several occasions.

When it comes to digital signage in Singapore, Digital Signage Singapore is the most reliable resource there is. This article will walk you through the many advantages of using digital signage, as well as the many sorts of solutions that you may anticipate receiving from a digital signage service provider. The most successful enterprises in Singapore’s digital signage industry are now listed.

What Are Digital Signage Companies In Singapore?

Firms in Singapore that use digital displays as a medium for the purpose of advertising and marketing are referred to as digital signage companies.

There is a wide variety of digital displays available.

Displays known as digital picture frames allow you to see a series of digital photographs that were shot with a particular camera.

High-definition (HD) video can be captured and played back using digital video cameras since these cameras employ digital displays. They make it feasible for you to see HD video in a manner that was not possible previously.

Slideshows may be created using digital slide projectors thanks to their usage of digital displays. In addition, they may be used to show visuals that do not change, such as digital posters, which can only be updated manually by a person working at the business.

What Types Of Digital Signages Are There?

Signs that are utilised for marketing reasons fall under the umbrella term known as “digital signage,” which is a large category.

The form is broad because digital signage may serve a wide variety of applications, each of which has its own unique characteristics. Digital Signage Digital signage may be broken down into the following categories, depending to the different kinds available:

  • Digital menu board display
  • Digital sign displays
  • Signage digital hosted in the cloud
  • Digital sign kiosk

Best Digital Signage Companies in Singapore (2022)

Here are the best digital signage companies you can find in Singapore at great prices and service! Let us know which ones fit you best! Lets get to it.

1. Best View Media

Best Digital Signage Companies In Singapore

Best View Media provides a solution for you if you need digital signage to occupy a space that you need to be filled. In Singapore, there are a variety of various channels via which one may sell to smaller enterprises.

The digital whiteboard that they’ve been using in their company as a conference room is the most notable aspect of their enterprise. The company’s extensive product line originated from the concept of enhancing the whole experience that customers have when they go grocery shopping.

If you have a Minimum Order Quantity, you may even have your screens ordered according to your specifications.

2. Avitcom System

“Avitcom” is the name of a firm that specialises in the creation of digital displays for use in retail and commercial settings as part of their digital advertising screen business.

They provide digital signs that have distinctive frameworks that may be customised to meet the requirements and specifications that you specify. Avitcom Digital Signs is a firm that has been in business in Singapore for more than 15 years and has extensive expertise in the fields of designing, constructing, installing, and maintaining digital sign systems.

You may quickly and simply edit the information to meet your needs using their intuitive content management system, which was designed with users in mind.

3. Ascenstar Digital

For more than ten years, the digital signage solutions provider Ascenstar has been one of the most successful businesses in its industry worldwide.

They are ready to provide our experience in Digital Signage to businesses and organisations all over the globe thanks to their offices and partners in the countries of Singapore and Malaysia.

The staff at this organisation has worked in the video and information technology sectors for a combined total of more than 40 years.

4. Big Image Group

Digital Signage from Big Image Group is the most effective kind of display technology now available for use in the advertising industry.

While their LED video walls may be utilised for events, sales promotions, or information boards, their freestanding digital display panels can show everything from digital adverts to live content.

You will experience all of the advantages thanks to the adaptable add-ons. The cutting-edge technologies and skilled workforce of this business provide it a distinct advantage over its rivals.

5. Anjels Media

Anjels Media offers digital signage solutions that contain a variety of features, including digital kiosks, media walls, and customised wall graphics. Because of their competitive prices and friendly service to customers, you will be glad you chose to do business with them.

When customers come to Anjels Media, they have the choice of purchasing the system outright or leasing it instead. In any case, they provide digital services of a very high standard as an option for you.

6. Signbox Microsystems Pte Ltd

Signbox Microsystems, a digital signage firm with headquarters in Singapore and an additional location in Brisbane, Australia, is widely regarded as the top digital signage company in the whole globe.

They have created solutions that may assist businesses in effectively reaching their target audience via the use of digital displays that are user-friendly, uncomplicated, and efficient.

Signbox Microsystems provides a wide variety of services, including on-site brand management, promotional presentations, storefront advertising, and destination marketing, to name just a few of them.

They have the knowledge and expertise to help your company thrive while also making it simpler to run by streamlining its technological processes.

7. DS Visual

Engineers pioneered the establishment of Digital Signage Solutions with the intention of delivering digital signage solutions to a variety of business sectors. Because of the many advantages that it offers to companies, digital advertising will play a part in the success of enterprises over the long term.

By using digital signage, companies are able to breathe new life into their storefronts and attract customers’ attention. Graphics that are vivid and colourful have the ability to breathe new life into vital activities such as business presentations, employee appreciation programmes, and other similar endeavours.

DS Visual is a reputable and experienced business that is committed to providing its clients with the highest quality of both service and experience possible. In addition to this, the setup and maintenance services that they provide come at a very reasonable price.

You can display the core value of your company in a number of different ways, such as demonstrating it to anyone who interacts with your brand, discussing it on social media, establishing a blog or an online store, or even just remaining consistent in all that you do. These are just some of the methods available to you.


What Are Digital Signage Companies In Singapore?

Firms in Singapore that specialise in digital displays as a medium for the purpose of advertising and marketing are known as digital signage companies. These digital displays may be used to show dynamic data such as digital photographs, digital images, digital animations or digital films. In addition, they may be used to show visuals that do not change, such as digital posters, unless the content is actively updated by a user or an operator.

What Are The Best Digital Signage Companies In Singapore?

Your requirements will determine which Singaporean digital signage firm is the finest. For instance, there are businesses that focus only on cloud-based digital signs. A fundamental component of the system may be assembled for you by other people. Hence, it all relies on your demands!


If you own a business in Singapore and are searching for a way to improve both your digital and your physical presence, digital signage solutions from the most reputable digital signage firm in the country can be the answer you’re looking for.

These leading firms that specialise in digital signage can assist you in improving the digital experience that you provide for both your customers and everyone else.

You should now have a list of our recommendations for the top digital signages in Singapore. Please let us know if you are aware of any other remarkable digital signage firms that you believe need to be included on this list.