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How to Make a Spotify Blend Playlist


Spotify is a music streaming service that allows users to create custom playlists. A Blend playlist is a type of Spotify playlist that allows you to combine two or more songs into one cohesive track. In this guide, we will show you how to make a Spotify Blend playlist. We will also provide some tips on how to make your blends sound great!

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How to Make a Spotify Blend Playlist

To create a Blend playlist, both users will need a Spotify account, but neither of them will require a Premium subscription to do so. On both the iPhone and Android, the steps are exactly the same.

1. Launch the Spotify app on your device and select the Search option from the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen.

2. Select the Made for you option that is located directly underneath the Browse all heading.

How to Make a Spotify Blend Playlist

3. Touch the Create a Blend button, which looks like a box with a plus sign inside of it.

How to Make a Spotify Blend Playlist

4. You will now need to ask a friend to share the playlist with you by sending them an invitation. Simply hit the Copy button and then tap Invite to manually send the link to your contacts. You can also rapidly send the link by utilizing the options that are pre-configured on your smartphone.

How to Make a Spotify Blend Playlist

5. After you have sent your friend the link, have them open it on their own phone and then press the Join option that displays when it does.

Your playlist will immediately display, along with a slideshow that provides a comparison of your musical preferences to those of other users. Tap the whirling icon that is located above the name of your playlist when the slideshow has finished playing and you want to see it again.

The tracks in your Blend playlist come from both of your personal music collections. Check out the initial that is located next to each track if you are unsure of which music belongs to which person; it will tell you who “added” the song.

Finally, if you want even more customization choices, you can access them by tapping the icon with the three dots that is located underneath the name of your playlist. Make use of this option to leave your Blend playlist, share it with others, add the songs currently playing to a permanent playlist, and perform a number of other actions.


Why can’t I blend on Spotify?

It seems as though you are still in the starting screen. In this instance, you should select the Search tab located on the second row of tabs (you can find it at the bottom of the screen). After that, navigate to the part that is labelled Made for you. You should be able to utilise the Blend feature once you’ve arrived at that location.

How does blend work Spotify?

At the moment, the feature enables two users of Spotify to determine the extent to which their musical preferences overlap by combining the playlists of their favourite songs in order to determine which songs they both enjoy listening to. This Blend then gets updated every day with new music according on the preferences of everyone who listens to it.

Do you need Spotify Premium for Blend?

Blend was initially made available as a beta version, and it is now accessible to all users of Spotify, including free users and Premium subscribers. Music by Apple Inc.

Is Spotify blend still available?

The Spotify Blend feature is no longer in beta testing and is now accessible to users of both the free and paid versions of Spotify across the globe.

How do you blend songs together?

When you mix the tracks, you should make a note of any specific elements of the song that you want to stand out more than others. Both songs should be played at the same time. It is important to check that the songs blend together sonically by playing them all at once and listening to the result. To identify which music, if any, should have its tempo sped up or slowed down, make a note of the tempo of each song.